Hijab Wardrobe.

Beauty peaks in brevity.

Fashion is extension of our personality as well as expression of our identity, feelings and beliefs. You can be conservative yet sophisticated; stylish and smart yet calm and reserved.

Birds of a feather flock together and your fashion is your feather, your style your signature.

If you’re always attracting wrong personalities in love, analyze your fashion because your feathers usually attracts similar birds.

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Bride for Life.

Brides are gorgeous. (Image credit:Pinterest)

Brides are celebs at their weddings and the centre of their homes so be the bride not just for a day but a lifetime!

Be the queen of your home, the evergreen bride of your hubby. Upgrade your life, update your skill set.

Remember you’ve got the divine mandate to nurture the next generation and babies in your hands are adults tomorrow.

Be an adorable mum!

Putting Your Children in Your Plans.

Students of Thames Valley College at the UI  Zoo.

As responsible parents I’m sure you’re very painstaking and detailed about what your children (babies, toddlers, preteens, teens … ) feed on. Yes instructions and meals but the latter is for another day!

Create time for them this weekend or some other time. Remember you’re their first and life-long teachers and great teachers not only instil instructions they put the thirst for knowledge in their mentees and motivate them to go research to quench the thirst and the good news is the more they know the more they want to know.
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The Miracle Called Mistakes II

Love is beyond borders; it transcends race, age, space (Pic source; shutterstock).

Tanko entered the gaming centre and minutes later he was entering the numbers but later got stuck. He didn’t know if a particular number was 0 or 6 and didn’t want to call his brother because he knew his credit would die and to add ‘salt’ to his injury Musa would patiently shower rain of insults on him so it was no retreat no surrender for him and he entered 0 meanwhile it was 6!

And Musa the gambler won #20,000,000! Continue reading The Miracle Called Mistakes II

The Miracle Called Mistakes.

Love is a microcosm of life and the vicissitudes of life massively impact love. (Nollywood movie Real Village Lovers; photo credit: Youtube)

Yakubu sent an SMS “Please lend me #50,000. Account Name: … Bank: … ” to his friend Nosa, so he had thought and 10 minutes later he received credit alert from his bank courtesy ‘Nosa.’

Yakubu was surprised and his eyes blinked countless times his hand rubbed his eyes 5 times, his heart somersaulted 50 times, his body felt hot then cold, then hot then lukewarm and his mind manufactured happiness, joy, elation in barrels.

He voiced in his mind “Did Nosa win jackpot? As a guy who likes to convert his pressures to pleasure I was expecting an SMS of this nature: My padi for jungle, I dey Jungle too o! Sorry, but no worry we go bubble we go blow like Fia of Davido in fact we go ride horse from Jos to Lagos. But instead his pocket spoke #500,000. He didn’t even lend me, he gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me!” Continue reading The Miracle Called Mistakes.

‘Whispers from Couples to Couples-to-be.’

The Yugudas: Umar + Safiya.

Many couples will be having their traditional wedding today and we wish you all successful, fun-filled and memorable day.

The Umar Yugudas are whispering

“Please give friendship, partnership, companionship your mandate in marriage; give them fertile ground to grow and blossom and your love will evolve while you advance in life.

(Photo credit: Atilary Photography via social media)

8 Adorable Faces of Ankara.

Fashion & style © Bolanle Olukanni. The media personality pulled off nice colour combo which flirts with her complexion while the style flaunts her figure.

8 Faces of Ankara highlights ankara in 8 places in 8 styles by 8 beauties.

These 8 beauties are Nigerian celebs in media and entertainment-cum-fashion and they add their charm, class and style to ankara fabric and vice-versa.

Fashion designers, fashionistas, socialites and all lovers of fashion will find this edition so exciting and refreshing. Exciting and enthralling collage of styles to inspire you and bring out the creativity and class in you. Continue reading 8 Adorable Faces of Ankara.

Appropriate Use of Social Media.

What social media had brought together let no social media put asunder. (Photo credit: shutterstock)

Knife is an awesome domestic staff and very useful in the kitchen but some people use inappropriately –  as weapons to maim and silence lives.

Social media apart from being mines of instructions, learning facilities … it’s breaking miles, bridging hearts, and effortlessly matchmaking lovers the world over.

But you need to be cautious and conscious with the tool. Use smartly and appropriately otherwise it could put miles between couples, families and individuals living in the same home. Continue reading Appropriate Use of Social Media.

Behind-the-Scene Drama II.

Mums many times advise their daughters to make hay while the sun shines (Photo Credit: Real Housewivies of Atlanta’ via YouTube)

Days maybe weeks later: her phone was in her bedroom while she was in the living-room and the moment her phone rang she leapt up and ran beating Usain Bolt hands down. So what was pursuing her? She was actually pursuing something – love – to pick the phone and answer the call before it dies.

She never wanted her ringing tone We Are Here by Alicia Keys to stop (without picking so he could know she was there and had probably changed for the better). After all she couldn’t tell if the missed call could be the last straw, his last call and she was desperate to answer. Continue reading Behind-the-Scene Drama II.