Using Attention to Source Affection.

Chatting is sweet; sweeter in bed.

Many times women use issues in their life and loved ones as opportunities to open up conversation with their partners.

They know that that may likely capture your attention with such topics but many times men listen to quickly proffer solution in order to end the conversation and switch on to other things but the challenge is no big deal to her she just want to have quality time with you.

‘The Hypocrite We Nicknamed Money.’

Money is an experiment, experience and an admixture of pains and gains
(image credit: Masterfile)

Money is that special commodity that introduces bliss and takes away bile.

It puts you in pleasure; takes away pressure; add pressure, introduces pleasure … and you shuttle between pressure and pleasure.

Money is a stressor.
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When Posterity is the Vision.

The senior citizens of today were announced to the world with baby bumps yesterday. (credit: dreamstime)

Today’s baby bumps deserve and desire to be senior citizens tomorrow.

Posterity is the vision and the mission is to provide security, unity, amity, prosperity and serenity and they all partner to preserve the future for humanity – Posterity.
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Lies Made by Men.

Lies abound in intimacy. (credit: social media)

Luxury bus leaving Lagos for Onitsha.

Ngozi a 24-year-old female job applicant sat beside a 26-year-old man (Matthew) a UNILAG undergraduate who works part-time as estate agent in Ajao Estate, Isolo.

The moment Ngozi sat beside Matthew she stirred the stream in his mind which enlarged and became sea so minutes after the driver sent the wheels rolling Matthew beeped Michael, one of his colleagues in Ajao Estate.  Continue reading Lies Made by Men.

The Legendary Partnership Between Fashion and Festive Occasions.

Fashion is a way, way of life and lifestyle. (credit: social media)

We celebrate events with fashion, food and entertainment and all of them are part and parcel of life.

We focus on fashion today – which can never expire and so the services of fashion designer will always sell like beach at summer. Continue reading The Legendary Partnership Between Fashion and Festive Occasions.

Skills and Upholstery Business.

Upholstery business is hot cake. (Credit: twitter)

One of my childhood friends was never taught how to use nails and wood to create ideas – cage, box … and he actually built many things from the scratch.

He went to higher institution, got skills and certificate and till date his talents come expressly. He works a white collar job and taps into his skills in his business venture. Continue reading Skills and Upholstery Business.

The Brand Tara Durotoye.

The professional woman. Tara Fela-Durotoye is a lawyer, makeup artist and successful businesswoman.

She converted her skills in makeup to business and business brings more skills, takes care of bills ….

Training is instructions and skills, and skills can be transferred from one platform to another. I bet her training as a lawyer had helped and helping in her business. Continue reading The Brand Tara Durotoye.

‘6 Quotes from Carlos Slim Helu.’

Mexican Business magnate Carlos Slim Helu. (credit: twitter)

“It’s important to give a better country to your children, but it is more important to give better children to your country.”

“It’s very important for leaders in business to work to create human capital, a team that has the same sense of purpose and alignment.” Continue reading ‘6 Quotes from Carlos Slim Helu.’

The Place of Charm and Charisma in Leadership.

World leaders (credit: Reuters / MANILA BULLETIN)

As a leader multitude of opinions, objections, proposals, projects … will besiege you and the tsunami could bully and carry you away; so beseech God. He’s the ultimate role-model, blueprint, template, map and compass; so copy and paste His ideology. He’s God of all who instructs, resolves and corrects in love and out of love and this will make you one for all and all for one. Continue reading The Place of Charm and Charisma in Leadership.