Opportunities and Options.

Affordability and opportunity are best of friends.

Money gives you exotic tastes for it can acquire luxury and anything along the spectrum before the end.

Money can buy you all sorts – monkey or donkey or monkey and donkey; yacht or jet  or yacht and jet and that means nothing but diverse options.

Education broadens your opportunities in terms of quality and quantity. Continue reading Opportunities and Options.

Poultry Business, Farmers and Research (II)

Deep liter system of rearing birds. (credit: social media)

Poultry business is lucrative but you need to be painstaking. Source the best breed of birds. Many times farmers say some species start laying eggs late and lay longer and some start early and stop early too but the difference is much more. Continue reading Poultry Business, Farmers and Research (II)

Poultry Business, Farmers and Research.

Battery system of rearing birds. (credit: nairaland)

Poultry is about birds – eggs and meat; hence it rears layers, cockerel, broilers, noilers … and so it’s a multifaceted venture; the higher your birds the higher your profit margin.

All-in-all poultry is profitable, nonetheless some areas are more lucrative and with expertise and diligence you’ll make it big in poultry. Continue reading Poultry Business, Farmers and Research.

Wealth vs Poverty (Olowolagba vs Fowowonu) II

Phones are offices of rich executives and most of them spend the chunk of their man-hours on phone. (credit: pond5.com)

Hours later Fowowonu called his next-door neighbour, Rasheed whom he had issues with while fetching water at the well early that morning.

“Hello, who’s on the on the line?” – Rasheed

“Yeah, it’s me Fowomola” – Fowowonu Continue reading Wealth vs Poverty (Olowolagba vs Fowowonu) II

Wealth vs Poverty (Olowolagba vs. Fowowonu)

Wealth and poverty are not dollars and cents but mindset. (credit: sparcit.com)

The poor could get rich and the rich may go poor because wealth isn’t anchored exclusively on external assets but internal resources and the rich that get richer are the rich with wealthy minds but the rags in robes has money but no cash flow and when their money can’t make love to procreate their lifespan and mortality catch up with them.

Mind over money.
Continue reading Wealth vs Poverty (Olowolagba vs. Fowowonu)

Safety Measures Against Flooding.

School bus takes stress off the shoulders of parents. (credit: Istock)

Schools have resumed but these days rains are not noise makers but news maker but soon they will go on vacation (especially in Nigeria) but before then be on the alert.

Therefore if you feel your home is safer for your kids but your neighbourhood is vulnerable to flooding please keep them safe at home and ensure they observe safety precautions and if possible let adults be with them. And always keep in touch via calls. Continue reading Safety Measures Against Flooding.

‘Parents as Long-term Feedback Teachers.’

This boy is being exposed to lifelong lessons and one of them is – ‘the proper upbringing of a child is anchored on both parents’. (credit: independent.co.uk)

As you take your kids to school today ask them why you send them to school, in other words tell them to enlighten you on what they feel could be your reasons for sending them to school. Continue reading ‘Parents as Long-term Feedback Teachers.’

Success as Steps and Units.

Fresh graduates preserving memories as they drop the cloak and title ‘undergraduates’ (credit: olayemiogunojo.com)

Rounding off your first degree is overall success.

Passing your tests and exams are achievement; staying in college without being withdrawn is success, not having an extra year is another, remember it’s possible for First Class degree or Second-Class Upper products (Summa and Magna-Cum-Laude brains respectively) to have an extra year. Continue reading Success as Steps and Units.

The Impacts of Themes and Titles to Businesses.

Names, logos, colours and slogan impact brands beyond measures. (credit: social media)

Whether you’re a makeup artist, fashion designer, music producer, manufacturer or whatever you’re into note that business has intrinsic and extrinsic components which customers relate with. And many times the effect are subliminal.

Sensitive parents don’t just give their children any name anyhow same way smart business people don’t brand their business with any title.
Continue reading The Impacts of Themes and Titles to Businesses.

Consequences of Lack of Planning.

Expired card could be very frustrating but he forgot to pick … at his banking hall few hours back. (credit: Istock)

Our ‘to-do list’ could be likened to ‘map and compass’ to a traveler or explorer and if you don’t plan you’ll fall for other plans and if it’s yours then they are most likely to be round pegs in square holes and if we fall into the plans of others many times we regret not following ours ….

Successful day correlate with executed plans so relay to your diary or phones and check to relate with your daily activities. Continue reading Consequences of Lack of Planning.