Love as Beauty Therapy.

Love is beauty therapy, call it a skilled make-up artist and you’re right on point. (image credit:

When love touches you, it leaves you untouched, untapped and you go fresh and glow.

Love makes you flow in life, it adds glow and shine to your looks. Show me a woman with radiant beauty and I’ll upload a woman in love and being loved in return.

In addition, love fights stress and by so doing it fights acne, depression which could trigger sweet tooth and gluttony, it peaks our motivation which is invitation to sex, inspiration to healthy eating, productivity, work-out, weight management, and its attendant positive side effects on our health.

Now don’t forget sex is password to self-esteem, self-love, beauty and external activities that make a woman more attractive and appealing to her partner and all these have potentials to peak your beauty as a woman.

When you taste love you smile more, frown less and that’s beauty on its own.

Love is a feeling, an experience and emotion. (credit: Youtube)

In rounding off, love isn’t biased and the good it does to Rasheed is what it does to Rasheedat.

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