The Issue of Respect in Intimacy.

Hugs and kisses whatever mode communicate romance and intimacy. (social media)

Your spouse, kids, family can make you earn instant respect and the reverse is also possible.

If your hubby is rich and/or famous you earn respect as a woman; if he’s cute and smart and doesn’t see skirts as twitter that he must follow offline, online many more will respect you and many women will envy but secretly admire you.

As a man if your wife is classy, full of dignity and self-respect you earn automatic respect, if she’s pretty, smart and successful she adds to you and the icing on the cake?

Yeah if she’s rich and treats you like a king … then many will see the plus and adore you and many more will respect you and wonder who you are, what on earth you have that they are unaware of which makes your highly successful wife idolize you and believe me people will r-e-s-p-e-c-t you and adore your legendary wife.

If you’re sophisticated as a man, comports yourself, make sense … you add to your wife but if you run faster than Usain Bolt on the race track when it comes to chasing skirts your wife loses some of the respect (maybe 30%) people accord her but if it’s the woman accessed and assessed by men your hubby loses his honour, pride, prestige … and the sum total could hover over the border of 70%.

By extension if your wife is very pretty but had gone and going through the heat and fire of many men and comes out like mama’s pot in the village so much so that her rut is noisome enough to make your Rot bark at her and you then she’s a minus to you and many will hiss at you in front or behind you.

If you chanced on the kids of your (perhaps fairly-educated) motor-mechanic and they look smart, cute, speak nice English maybe French you will respect your mechanic the more.

There are many people in our society (immediate and global) that you respect so much and so you pass the respect to their children because of the biological link between them.

As a person do you have self-respect? If you do then you’ll be a plus to your spouse, kids, parents, family, relatives … reason being that many positive things sprout out of the ground of self-respect – talk of dignity, discipline, diligence, patience, success ….. 

The best way to make your kids, colleagues, neighbours, relatives and society respect your spouse is to first and foremost respect yourself and treat them like kings or queens – now who says they are not?

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