Round the World. (II)

Love is a continuum: dating, courtship, wedding, babies, anniversaries, kids birthdays. (social media)

Couple Mariam-Musa in Jigawa, Nigeria

Mariam, heavily pregnant woke her husband Musa up at 5:00am and said to him

“Darling, how time flies so it’s 11 months already that we got married … anyway it shows I’m enjoying this union. Yeah, I married my best friend. Now darling you know I love you so much and I don’t want that love to subside in anyway whatsoever rather than come down I want it to peak so please don’t marry another wife … I’m enough for you, believe me I’ll be your mum, wife, sister, friend and colleague … I’ll take good care of you … believe me I’ll do my best for you!”

Musa looked at her with eyes scanning her mind and heart as if searching for love that wasn’t lost, he finally found his voice, “Mariam which one do you prefer? Your husband sleeping around with anonymous women – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … or having one or two women together with you in the house which will put paid to stray feelings like my husband could be meeting and sleeping with someone somewhere otherwise he won’t be unusually late this night.”

Mariam shook her head calmly and voiced, “In that case I prefer ‘mistresses’ after all they won’t bear you kids and won’t be staying here or anywhere else. What you don’t know won’t hurt you dear after all I’ll never catch you doing it or will you bring them home? And besides you might marry one or two more wives and still be pursuing women around and that makes it wives and mistresses. You know once an ideal woman hears that a man is working in the bank she begins to sharpen her skills, thinking of how to ensnare such a man.”

Musa laughed sarcastically and finally voiced, “Babe I never said I was going to marry another woman and besides marrying a second, third … is a matter of conviction not compulsion and rules are attached. I love this girl called Mariam and my thoughts centre around her none else, my feelings revolve around her and her alone, so relax dear – you’ve got no issue just continue to be that wonderful woman you’ve always been and you’ll continue to be the only woman in my home and romantic life. You’ve got no rivals.”


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