Round the World (Intimacy mode).

Love and intimacy tastes better with resources. (pic source:

‘Round the world’ mirror issues combating love and intimacy around the world:

Couple Jack-Ashley in Manhattan, USA

Ashley says she was divorcing her hubby, Jack for his extra-marital affairs.

Let’s hear her mind, “Jack it appears your mind is below your belt and not upstairs in your head and to this end I want to give you a break. I’ve been booed but I’m not a fool so I’ll leave you and your tool to access unlimited freedom change, your title from mild to wild in the kingdoms of extramarital affairs and sex … and you alone will definitely bear the brunt. You’ll hear from my lawyers pretty soon.”

Jack looked at his estranged wife with cold, unblinking eyes, shook his head and s-l-o-w-l-y voiced, “I thought you women say ‘all men are the same’ and if that theory is anything to go by then I make bold to say your next hubby will replicate in your future together what I did to you in the past. Divorcing a man you found out, of recent that he went out with his PA 16 months earlier to go marry another ‘Adam’ who would probably date his ex, wife’s friend, secretary and even assault you physically is a huge risk and far from being informed, and besides your hubby whom you caught had fired and paid off his PA to distance himself from further temptations.”

Jack paused, coughed dryly, twitched his lips coolly and continued, “Now if you change (for the better) today God will automatically forgive you of your past sins including yesterday’s and you possess a clean slate. You don’t call a pot black today because it was yesterday you call it silver because that’s the status quo after all it had had a painstaking bath and now wearing sparkling-silver. Our mothers of old forgave their husbands and helped transform them rather than forgo, and sensitive and considerate men willingly change when their good wives forgive and not forgo!”

Ashley peered at Jack and her eyes pierced his big brown eyes, and later became glassy, no thanks to tears saying ‘present ma’ in her eyes!

She became a prison warder trying to fight back and restrain the inmates we call ‘tears’ but the more she tried to, the more her tears jailbreak, rushing out like flood, Jack came close and hugged her and she sobbed passionately on his shoulder.

That was it! The transformation they needed to have a blissful, romantic marriage.

Couple Emeka-Ifeoma in Lagos, Nigeria:

Ifeoma breaks down uncontrollably because she can’t go further in love and intimacy with Emeka after all their genotypes have phobia for ‘I do’ no thanks to the likelihood of having and raising kids with sickle cells.

Nonetheless it used to be a no-no, no go area but science is expanding the horizon of love by making the complex and complicated simple and subtle, the impossible, possible.

Emeka, a millionaire later called Ifeoma and voiced, “Babe we’ve got numerous options to outsmart this issue of genotype, thanks to science but it will tax our resources and also task our patience and tolerance but since we’ve got ‘some coins’ and resilient and resolute minds we’re good to go! Bone-marrow transplant is also another intervention but this one is like campaign after elections, though it’s corrective I see as post-intervention. You and I sure prefer prevention not intervention so all we need do is prevent it via some medical procedures.”

That was good news and Ifeoma was beside herself with joy, the same way Arsenal fans were thrilled on Sunday when they got penalty against Burnley at injury time, but when Alexis Sanchez stepped forward to kick the ball fans began to panic … but rejoiced in the end!

♦Science is dynamic and couples need to keep abreast of developments in medical science. However these interventions may not be accessible to ideal couples because it gulp resources.

The issue of genotype incompatibility is a major challenge to love and intimacy especially in Africa and proffering solutions and making same accessible overtime would be most cherished and appreciated by all.♦


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