Your Edge in Love and Life.

Creativity is finding a way to stop your challenges – in your academics, career, business, relationships … otherwise they might stop your progress and success. (pic source: shutterstock)

The poultry farmer who takes his time to clean his eggs stained by his birds droppings and informed all his employees to replicate same has a competitive edge though he might not be conscious of this. His customers might prefer his eggs to others because they are always clean yet he sells at competitive prices.

Now pause and ponder on what you can do differently to give you the competitive, perhaps cutting edge in your research, business, career, academics and the like.

As a student device a time-table, study time, strategy, tactics … that works best for you and your success will be sure.

In the relationships market, singles (overtly or covertly) compete with one another and the ones that win walk down the aisle with  their true love.

A woman may not know that while a man is pursuing her he’s taking note of her attitude and this may give her an edge in the end or not, the man could also be pursuing or closely watching other potential partners should he not succeed with the one at hand.

A man may not know that an ideal woman would likely have other suitors and if he treats her badly, maybe delay his proposal for no just reason another man may snatch from him.

It’s a life of competition but compete with the person in the mirror who will be with you throughout your entire life. Now pause and ponder, create and amass weapons in love and life which are likely to stand you out!

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