‘Hills and Valley.’ (Female Version).

African actress Yvonne Okoro expressing self-love via selfie. (social media pic)

Not ‘Hills and valley’ but ‘hills or valley’. Yes such describes life because many phenomena don’t and many more can’t go together in life for instance you can’t be tall and diminutive, rich and poor, dark and fair … at the same time.

You can’t be a friend and an enemy but either a friend or an enemy in friend’s clothing – called frenemy.

Cleavage is the ‘valley’ between two hills (bust) of women and if you’ve got ample bust you automatically have calm cleavage and if you’ve got a cleavage massive enough to accommodate apple then your bust would be calm.

‘Hills or valley’ typifies the fact that providence is generous to all and gratitude for that which you’ve got conquers all.

You don’t need to see a 4’8” woman to appreciate your 5’4” height and the one with petite frame isn’t just portable, wonderful as well; you don’t need to access a woman using #2,500 worth of phone with wristband tied round it to correct its ailment, to cherish your smart phone … and the one using poku lowo phone is alive, can experience grass to grace.

Believe me if I tell you that if there’s any time to appreciate what you’ve got, it’s now!  

It’s not about what you have or lacked but about your perception and acceptance of same. Self-love is the first step in beauty it births confidence which unlocks your inner and outer beauty!

Perhaps cleavage doesn’t make sense to you because you focus more on the stars in the sky and not the rainbow that creates a path in same. Whether hills or valley both are flowers in the garden. Splendour and beauty.

The beginning of ingratitude and escalation of pains, hate, envy, self-hate, self-pity, stress, ill-health … is always looking at those ahead of you but not what you’ve got at hand that can take you farther and further to your desired and deserved destination.

Sachet water looks up to bottled water but their contents is water … cherish and package what you’ve got and take from ebb to peak!

The true beauty is one who feels and stay beautiful!

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede in her element.

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