Moments of Brilliance (on the football pitch)

Raheem Sterling’s sensational prod against Southampton blessed the Citizens with 3 points in the 96th minute at the Etihad.

Man City vs Southampton – Raheem Sterling’s winner.

Passion, focus, skill, accuracy and precision in full display courtesy of Raheem Sterling and of course kudos to the whole team. Teams win.

Arsenal vs Man United: Ashley Young’s header.

Ashley Young sensationally stopped a goal-bound volley from Arsenal last night. His calculation was right, his timing perfect and his reflex so sharp. Ashley Young was smart, resourceful and sensitive enough to foresee a loophole and responded in the nick of time.

And finally – some years back Liverpool sensationally netted Man United with a set piece.

Steven Gerrard was part of Man United wall formed against Liverpool’s free-kick but in a flash of lightning he shifted leaving a hole – Man United’s loophole and Liverpool cashed in when the free-kick taker volleyed the ball through the gap and ended right there in Man U’s net.

Moments of brilliance sure play out on the football pitch and in life.

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