Multifaceted Nature of Domestic Violence (II)

Women are also guilty of extramarital affairs but they are often triggered by one or more variables. (credit: social media)

Extramarital affairs by women many times are caused but it doesn’t have to be triggered for many men to embrace this because they see it as normal lifestyle for men.

If a man has mistresses his disillusioned wife may become verbally violent and her ballistic missiles are highway to domestic violence.

The housewife that ‘bath’ her maid with hot water maybe ‘bandage’ her face with hot pressing iron to teach her a lesson that the race isn’t for the swift … and she feels next time her fingers won’t be so swift to kidnap the meat with the biggest curve in the pot – but this is evil, barbarism. Perhaps learning curve? Never!

The housewife that beat her mother-in-law ‘blue plus black’ for telling her son to beat her blue-black if she insults him again is guilty of domestic violence.

Domestic staff also perpetrate domestic violence.

As a child beating me was breathing to our housemaid, though I was too small to put my feelings in words and communicate to my significant others nonetheless I was showing signs and symptoms of anxiety, unrest, pains … but when we went on holidays her secret was exposed.

I took ill and was at home with her all alone when she descended on me but a neighbour heard my cries and came to my rescue. I don’t know how long I’ve been tormented by this maid but I was told she was caught while we travelled most likely for Christmas. She was sent packing when we returned home after the holidays.

Just as I was abused but couldn’t tell because I’d not attained the age of learning and using  language as communication tool, many victims of domestic violence also keep mute but not because they can’t express their feelings but  to avoid embarrassment, ridicule … some feel they are equally guilty and it’s normal for men to punish erring wives.

We can’t exhaust this topical issue and menace called domestic violence and sure expect more on this in the future.

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