Week 15 (2017-2018) EPL Results.

David De Gea has got such a sharp reflex; he changes gear like automaton. (credit: NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS LTD)

Chelsea 3-1 Newcastle: Up Blues!

Stoke 2-1 Swansea: okay!

Brighton 1-5 Liverpool: Up Liverpool. I hope you guys will keep up the tempo you could be the stone the builders rejected which became the chief corner stone.

Watford 1-1 Tottenham: unpredictable game indeed!

West Brom 0-0 Crystal Palace:

Everton 2-0 Huddersfield: Are the Toffees back? Maybe!

Leicester 1-0 Burnley: And the Foxes archived the 3 points.

Arsenal 1-3 Man United:Safe hands’ means David De Gea; what an award-winning goalkeeper! Kudos to him and Man United. David De Gea changes gear seamlessly and replicates the exploits of Biblical David on the  pitch.

Bournemouth 1-1 Southampton: the Saints are yet to up their ante!

Man City 2-1 West Ham: is this the season of the Citizens? 23 more games will tell!  

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