‘Businesses Next Door.’

School kids sure have needs (pic credit: therockms.com)

Feyisara was a homemaker in Akue (yeah Akure) Nigeria but credit alert won’t stop saying ‘I do’ to her phone. She used to be solely employed at the home-front and earns no salary but the smartness in her was alive and alert.

A school just rented the building next to hers that had been lying fallow for years and academics began in earnest.  

Several months after Feyisara’s eyes opened as she noticed that the school children don’t have access to snacks and drinks and since they can’t go out of the school premises they usually beg one of the cleaners to help them source snacks and drinks but sometimes the poor woman gets tired going to and fro buying this and that.

Inaccessibility to snacks and drinks … was a vacuum that needed to be filled and Feyisara responded appropriately.

She told her hubby her plans, sourced some money from him and her parents as well and 3 weeks later she opened her makeshift shop now since her building was beside the school the children won’t have to cross the main road to source whatever they needed and so the management allowed them to go buy their needs themselves.

Feyisara the smart woman began to buy snacks, drinks and resell and overtime she knew she would make more money preparing the snacks herself and she began to make doughnut, puff-puff, popcorn … but kept buying biscuits, drinks, stationery and the like.

Not long after she began to make zobo drinks as well but didn’t stop stocking exotic beverages to keep meeting the needs of  kids who prefer them … as the school was expanding, her business was enlarging and before you say ‘smart’ she was realizing in a week what her hubby wasn’t making in a month.

She was also smart to gift the management of the school at the end of each term.

Now the fact that a school rented the building next to Feyisara’s got her job, don’t also forget that the owner of the building was getting paid every year as well unlike when the building was sleeping, snoring and many times praying for tenants.

Many people own properties which are not beeping their phones with ‘credit alert’ yet they complain of not having money. Now what’s it that you have right now that you’d been ignoring for long think over it and convert to money-making machines as hip-hop stars rap.

Some landlords just need to renovate their buildings, make more appealing … and they start earning more than the status quo! Many times jobs birth more jobs and one person employed is countless opportunities for many others. In rounding off Feyisara was able to set up her elder sister in business as well and the multiplier effect went on and on.

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