‘Height as Gifts.’

Kids and height (credit: social media).

Just as success thrills adults, height freaks and most times tricks kids but not for long.

The tallest to them is the oldest, the most fortunate and they day-dream and wish time could go to bed, as they do and bring 20 years from their future and  bless them with h-e-i-g-h-t.

Back in the day in elementary school all my teachers were ‘tall’ but hey many weren’t – just average!

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I won't bore you or box myself by defining who I'm, what I'm or where I'm headed. I AM OLAYEMI JOSEPH OGUNOJO, a Nigerian and World Citizen and a student of the 'University of Life.' If you impart knowledge into every Tayo, Tanko and Tagbo you meet, they will impact every Tom, Dick and Harry they confluence.

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