Life’s One Step at a Time (Love Mode).

Couple Harry-Meghan. (credit: Getty)

When a man meets a woman he likes he goes on ‘wooing’ mission to get the attention of the lady so they can start dating.

The mission was wooing, the vision, dating!

The mission called dating:

The mission is dating the vision courtship. You embark on dating to embrace courtship and one step at a time makes you make a success out of your dating but if you focus on marriage while dating thereby ignoring the next level (courtship) you may not experience engagement.

In this context, your vision was marriage where it ought to be courtship and this cognition could make you behave inappropriately. The president-elect isn’t an incumbent and must not parade himself as such otherwise he could even lose his mandate.

Now when you’re engaged it means you’re on the mission called ‘courtship’ and the vision ‘marriage’. People already know and are full of expectations, waiting patiently or impatiently for your big day and hey day-by-day you work toward it and inch closer step-by-step.

Love is an interesting component of life!

Prince Harry and Meghan will walk down the aisle in May, 2018 and we @ wish you guys wonderful experience, bliss, exploits as you savour the moment and look forward to your day.

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