‘Meghan Markle on Royalty Highway.’

Royalty is first-class brand. Meghan Markle soon to become a full-fledged purple. (FameFlynet, Inc)

Actresses live in the heart of the public and Meghan being an American entertainer stays at ‘No 7 Hollywood Street, USA.’

To me ‘7’ is the celeb of numbers just as December is a celeb in the calendar months – what’s yours?

Entertainment and royalty are two different worlds and transiting from an actress to a princess is no child’s play! Ideally royalty will impact your philosophy, personality, attitudes, outlook … and adopting, adjusting and adapting demand detailed orientation.

Those born into royalty have no script to ingest but those who attain same have scripts to study and characters to interpret.

‘Actress to princess’ is a journey endorsed by love; embarked in life and many in these shoes would transform from the entertainer to the entertained and transit from ‘public’ to private yet public.

Meghan who used to be an actress (past) is now evolving to a princess!

Royalty is conservative and many who had such bestowed on them change personality, lifestyle and wardrobe but it becomes conspicuous in the case of an actress transforming to a princess but the transition may not be massive if such had been modest in fashion et al.

We @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you evergreen love, eternal bliss and fulfillment and as you drop ‘Markle’ you’ll sparkle; as you leave the title ‘Miss’ and ‘actress’ for ‘Princess and royalty’, the star in you will bless the royalty on you.

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