Challenges as Interconnected Variables.

‘Bridget’ (in black) and ‘Beatrice’ (in white) were college friends. (pic credit: shutterstock)

Wayne was interested in the lady in white (Beatrice) but he came forward showing interest in the one in black (Bridget) and the latter began to interpret the character in the script handed to her by herĀ  ancestors.

Bridget was emotionally aggressive, physically assertive and the more she played hard-to-get the more considerate Beatrice was to Wayne.

Since he was ‘interested’ in Bridget, Beatrice let down her guard and became friendly to Wayne. She was available and they became close friends meanwhile Bridget was waiting for Wayne not knowing that he’d found what (love) he initially set out to get.

Beatrice was good and was willing to bridge Wayne and Bridget though she initially proved stubborn too.

Now since Wayne never asked Beatrice out she didn’t suspect anything but love is wild and wide and as Bridget continue to exhibit the coconut in her mind, Beatrice was helplessly and innocently expressing the doughnut in her heart.

Bridget had a boyfriend but Beatrice had none and months later the latter was head-over-heels in love and already expressing same … in the end Wayne won her heart without sweating BUT Bridget claimed her friend snatched her man-to-be from her.

Wayne wanted to catch Beatrice but wasn’t game enough to pursue, for he knew he would get pissed off over time after all he wasn’t wired for marathon sports in love and from experience he feels like a nuisance when his love keeps playing hard-to-get.

He re-strategized and got what he wanted but never knew and wasn’t prepared for what erupted later.

Beatrice and Wayne went on with love but the friendship between Bridget and Beatrice was ruined. No intervention worked.

Many times in love and life we face another challenge while solving one. That’s why in science and other disciplines many theories solve the lapses of past theories but end up raising another.

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