Signature Beards of Nigerian Celebs.

Lawyer, activist, serial entrepreneur Audu Maikori.

When you see a man who’s famous and proudly wearing his beard you see an alpha-male. A man on top of his game. A lady’s man any day, leader with baritone voice perhaps one who sees chic sisi and muscle up showcasing no element of a sissy.

Many times in love and life we ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us now his real or perceived insolence many times is for his advantage.

(more pics and info ahead)

He approaches her like a tough and skilled hunter with no phobia even making the sisi feel dizzy yet proud to be pursued by a man amongst men. He exudes magisterial attitude and you may not see chivalry in his personality yet ideal men may not be at par with him so no rivalry.

However many of these men could be calm, in fact chivalrous than ideal men but many times they are stereotyped and the fact that warriors of old had beard and look strong and menacing you can’t but see alpha-male in them!

These men in our gallery sport beards as social identity, fashion and their beard culture isn’t anchored on religious believes.

The beard gang seems to be the trend and if you’re interested and want to be a proud member then you’ve got to tend to tame your bush and maintain your polish looks!

These men sports beard that make sense, enjoy our collage.

Nigerian R&B singer Praise Ugbede Adejo aka Praiz of ‘Rich and Famous’ fame (credit: pulse)

Nigerian photographer Obi Somto with his assertive beard.

Nigerian performing artiste Inetimi Alfred Odon (aka Timaya) is sure part of the team and aiming higher.

Chukie Edozien Nigerian music act (aka Lynxxx) links with his lean beard.

Psychologist, relationships blogger and social media sensation Joro Olumofin. His love contents on social media is like muffin, his beard lovely.

Noble Igwe media entrepreneur @ 360nobs Media Group his beard, hallmark of an igwe.

Actor, lawyer and philanthropist RMD.

RMD isn’t actually part of the group because his beard isn’t conviction but compulsion – as voiced, his beard grows when he ignores. 

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