Men’s Iniquity vs Women’s Atrocity (III)

Daughters her tomorrow’s mothers. RMD with his adorable daughters. (motherhoodinstyle)

Law not recognizing spiritual attacks is a form of immunity for people with negative spiritual powers but God the ultimate judge will catch up with them someday! God is the perfect judge. That person (male or female) that is ‘healthy’ to physicians yet seriously ill and they keep admitting and discharging him yet no progress could be the handy work of evil powers, by contrast the patient that presents symptoms, diagnosed and the responsible factor(s) revealed could also be battling negative forces!

Now to those who don’t believe there are evil people and negative forces operating in the spiritual realm, it’s a life of twos you know – good and bad, day and night, heat and cold, health and ill-health, heaven and hell ….

An armed robber though may have spiritual powers he operates physically but there are spiritual armed robbers too who operate in the spiritual realm. It’s not everything our eyes see, even physical things that are way too small (micro-organisms) are not seen by our naked eyes much less spiritual ones. God and the devil – God has His agents same with the devil!

Do you know that you’re not conscious of all your thoughts? You’re only aware of those in your conscious mind but you think subconsciously too, though you may not be aware of this don’t say it’s not true. Psychologists understand what I’m saying same way people who understand spiritual phenomena will obviously be on the same page with me.

Many say if one’s mum has negative spiritual powers why didn’t she kill her daughter or son at birth or as a child? Good question pardon my rhetoric: Joseph was supposed to be killed why didn’t his brothers kill him eventually? A paedophile dad notorious for incest may sleep with all his biological daughters except one now that one could even be the sexiest to him as well as the most beautiful … it’s not that he didn’t want to defile her but a FORCE is restricting him and so he just couldn’t! There is a divine reason ….

Ritualists kidnap many people, take them to their abattoir but they see some signs on some of their victims and can’t and won’t kill them despite the fact that such are in their den and they eventually set them free. Why did they do that?

The case of Kwara State University Student Malete who was kidnapped but was in her period … and was later set free came expressly to mind but there are those who weren’t in their period yet set free and allowed to go and again there are many men who  were released immediately they got to the ritualist den now do men experience monthly period as well? If you don’t believe in something don’t discard with a wave of the hand. Now there are many things I’ve not experienced directly but I don’t discard!

It’s a spiritual world and you need to be careful in 2018!

If you’re part of those perpetrating evil renounce same; if you’re a father sleeping with your daughters stop it, if you’re a mother manipulating your children spiritually change, transform and become their source of blessings. Society is anchored on her families and wonderful societies have beautiful families. Now as an individual are you a plus or minus to your family?

It’s high time you changed – for the better!

Thank you all for 2017!

Doting grandpa. Nollywood actor, lawyer and philanthropist RMD with his grand-daughter.


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