‘Shades of Gratitude.’

Selfie with a bishop after church programme (Anna King / Northwest News Network)

Gratitude comes in diverse modes – smiles, dance, hugs, laughter, prayers, praise, self-love, humanity. Philanthropy is a form of gratitude, visiting the sick, prison inmates … sharing, caring, giving …

Many good seeds sprout from the heart of gratitude and if you can’t count your blessings you’re an ingrate and a potential tool in the hands of evil, crime, atrocity.

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King Fahad Mosque credit: Nancy Pastor

Praise and music go together. (credit: John Francis Peters/nytimes.com)

Awesome, wholesome to cherish providence and appreciate life. (credit: John Francis Peters/nytimes.com)

Soorya Dance Company (credit: Gregg Segal)

Trinity Baptist Church South L.A. (Credit Joe Pugliese)

Leavey Interfaith Center, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (pic credit: Michael Lewis) sourced from lamag.com

Show gratitude to your maker this 2018 and go on to achieve big in love and life.

2018 has begun and we @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you the very best this New Year and beyond.

We love you and cherish your success.


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