2018 Prayers II

The Soji Alabis.

To those who live in face-to-face apartments God will advance you, so much so that you don’t have to come out of your bedroom to take your bath, brush your teeth, parcel bodily wastes via WC to the soak away.

You’ll come out of your bedroom to access your living room or whatever and not the door, white but brown curtain or the hungry and angry face of your neighbour – no thanks to poverty.

God will also use you to bless that neighbour as well.

To that man or woman who must carry bucket, visit the next building to access water from their well, God will elevate you to the level where you turn the faucet in your kitchen, bathroom … and water will answer you.

That man, that lady who wakes up at 4:30am to take her bath and goes back to sleep, just to avoid the frustrating queue to use bathroom, restroom, God will reward your sweet sweat  with apartment where at least one bath and WC excluding that in the visitor’s room will be on sabbatical and only called to duty when visitors are around.

Olakunle Ilesanmi Onilenla stays in a building with one kitchen serving 10 tenants and so no privacy!

They see what he cooks, he sees theirs. When rice is on the menu it must be concoction for him but his other tenants beat him narrowly for some don’t eat concoction at all while some do but once in a while but the neighbours directly opposite him manage sometimes to prepare rice with stew with two small fish butchered into about 14 pieces and the l-o-c-a-l champions tease and taunt him.

So the day coins entered Olakunle’s pocket he managed to prepare rice with stew to the chagrin of his directly-opposite neighbours. And they went satirical.

The female version of the couple says to her 16-year-old daughter Tawa, “Rice rise when cooked alone but when ground-pepper, onion … are added it becomes World War and the injuries sustained by the rice stop it from flying, blossoming and you know that small rice is hunger but the one with stew sinks boreholes in people’s pocket, giving baton, paving way for the one that causes hunger and anger!” And the daughter exploded in laughter © Tawa.

May God bless the Olakunle Onilenlas of this world not forgetting their local-champion tenants as well!

Meanwhile show gratitude to God not because there are many below you but because you cherish God and love life,  not to forget the numerous gifts stocked in the hampers of gratitude.

2018 will release gifts customized for you just as He did for the Soji Alabis few days back!

The newly-built house of the Alabis.

Image credit: social media; personalities: The Soji Alabis. They are Nigerian couple in gospel showbiz.

Tope is married to Soji Alabi. Tope aka Ore ti o common is a Nigerian gospel singer, soundtrack composer and actress.

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