TAM (That Awkward Moment).

Awkward moments can be experienced at any time and anywhere. (credit:social media)

Salami and Stephanie were on their first date in a fast-food restaurant. They talked, chatted, gossiped and are getting to know each other better.

Celebs spiced up their date with stories from their personal lives. Some true, some false and others were an admixture of truth and false yes fact conjoined with fallacy.

Then come the moments many dates dread the most – the screaming silence – awkward silence! When words embark on industrial actions and fail to drop from our minds. The silence was deafening to Stephanie and alarming to Salami.

Salami mustn’t let men down so he racked his brains to quickly kill and silence the silence but he goofed and misfired and the silence eventually silenced him.

Silence descended, accompanied by anxiety.

Salami looked straight into Stephanie’s eyes as if scouting for love and voiced, “Hope you’re not a bird?” he smiled sheepishly and ran his mouth again, “Are you?”

Salami mentioned ‘bird’ Stephanie heard ‘bed!’ And she ran into the nearest refrigerator. It was under lock and key, so she broke, brought out some ice, and sent into her eyes.


She looked at Salami with cold, unfriendly eyes and he knew he had shot himself in the foot. He wrestled and subdued laughing out loud and voted  for coughing out loud yet the eyes of Stephanie didn’t spare his face and he felt uneasy, and shifted lazily. He became restless, listless and accessed the ‘TAM highway.’

Salami swallowed hard, breathed harder.

Stephanie eyes retired and ran on the wall to the wall clock but she wasn’t tired so her eyes came back for Salami, this time piercing his face with two-edged sword.

Her eyes finally left Salami’s, accessed her bag and slowed down as if checking and counting her money courtesy the teamwork between her eyes and mind.

She picked her bag and voiced, “Thanks a lot dear for the meal and drinks! It’s time I left.” Salami became aghast and opened his mouth to talk but only hot air came out ….

When Stephanie got home she divulged everything to Jaclyn, her bosom friend. “.. JC did you believe that that pervert was already thinking of sex on our first date? He asked me if I was hot, a bomb in bed …!”


What Salami meant was he hoped Stephanie would not scamper (fly) away when he begins to pursue her with love. Now even if Stephanie had heard ‘bird’ she could misinterpret him if she feels he was saying she’s got spiritual powers. ‘Bird’ in this context means someone who’s got spiritual powers and can fly and mimic a bird.

In rounding off, sometimes I say some things in my article and refer you back toward the end for I felt you must have misinterpreted me and when you go back you actually see that you got me wrong.

We misinterpret many people many times you know and this trigger plenty issues sometimes.



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