The 3 Ps of Celebs.

Critically-acclaimed celebs. (social media pic)

‘The 3 Ps of Celebs’ highlights the professional, personal and private lives of celebs.

Their professional lives are out in the open – you see on TV, big screen, stage … the personal lives could be accessed on social media and their private lives revolves around the most intimate of intimacy – their sex lives which could be accessed on social media as well.

Don’t get it mixed up, personal could also mean private but as far as this article is concerned there’s a dichotomy.

Many celebs are skilled in putting their personal lives in shells and these ones go even further to archive their private lives in cocoons and this could piss off some fans yet they find them interesting all the same.

What you don’t know puts you in suspense and you find exciting, intriguing.

However, the personal and private lives of celebs are hot cakes and many fans believe they shouldn’t be deprived access to these – they see as compensation for their love, passion, patronage and following. Many celebs with intimidating fans, following and followers most times have aspects of their personal and private lives in public space.

Your professional life as a celeb is different from your personal life and when celebs share parts of their personal lives with fans they fan the embers of fans’ passions and hero worship as well as gift them password to stories for high gossip.

Personal lives:

Pictures of female celebs rocking their baby bumps, showing off their intimate partners in PDA formats, romance and intimacy indoors, selfies with friends and families, images x-raying their fashion sense, luxury lifestyle … and of men showing-off their smart cars, smart phones, smart houses, investments ….

Private lives:

Female celebs sharing their intimate sessions, nude images with captions, capture and captivate fans and friends though this may piss off some.

Some male celebs now delight in sharing the nudes of their intimate partners (as well as theirs) to members of social-media public!

‘The 3 Ps of celebs.’

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