Wives of Clerics on the Spotlight.

If your wife doubles as your mistress she’ll always upload the princess in her and you’ve got no choice than to download even if you try forming your eyes and mind will betray you.

@ image what’s more captivating to him than the dance steps?

Nigeria is a country that boasts of the richest in Africa incidentally it has the poorest in same. That analogy profiles the lifestyles of wives of clerics.

Many of them are well-read and travelled, enlightened, fashion-conscious, classy and stylish and conversely many others don’t care about life but heaven, heaven and heaven but they forget the fact that they are in life.

They care less about themselves so they are reckless with their partners. Matters of hygiene are secondary, they see high fashion as taboo and care less about their hubbies’ needs some even see sex aside procreation as sin and some use for better or worse ideology to advance their fronts in marriage.

Their hubbies are not their hobbies, they ignore them … after all the ball should, must be on the football pitch for 90 minutes and should it rebel and go outside the pitch, ball-boys and fans will throw back into same!

Many had grown wings to become dictators, they make rules, break established rules, say no to sex with the belief that come what may their husbands can’t, won’t go into extramarital affairs.

It’s a taboo to be a fan of what they fight but it’s also a taboo to deny your hubby his conjugal rights when he’s right and he’s right when you’re in good health ….

Some are even rivals, enemies, opponents to their hubbies and these clerics suffer inside but manage to smile outside. Just as some wives of clerics maybe clerics as well are versed knowledge-wise, counsel singles, update married women, are skilled ambassadors of marriage.

These ones dress sharply where their counterparts dress shabbily, they are like mistresses in their own homesĀ  where their other colleagues could be mistaken for house-helps. They are their husbands’ biggest fans, closest friends where the other ones are like rivals maybe enemies.

Wives of clerics (who are also clerics in some churches) are queens and their lifestyles shouldn’t prove otherwise.

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