‘Biz in the Pic II.’

Angel Doris at the birthday party of her friend and colleague Mercy Aigbe.

Our model, Doris wasn’t just gorgeous in the pic, her hair was fabulous as well. Stylists are hair specialists and if they double as make-up artists the merrier, more like a music producer who doubles as a radio maybe club DJ.

If you’ve got passion for hair you can turn your hobby to business but don’t stop there update your skill set.

Doris the angel was (is) beautiful right? Yeah everyone wants to look attractive and make-up artists tap into these feelings and desires.

Virtually all the make-up artists I know personally are gorgeous and perhaps many went into the profession to bless others with what they’ve got not to forget that beauty is a mobile advert.

Doris is fair and fresh. And again she must have applied cosmetics to perfect and transform to prefect of beauty.

Yes you also can be a maker and/or retailer of cosmetics products – one of my clients back in the day in Lagos retails exclusively cosmetics products and I see her adverts as customized already and waiting for my input to jump into my print publications.

Doris donned the lovely outfit to the birthday party of her friend and colleague Mercy Aigbe. Let’s analyze the ‘biz in the pic’ figuratively now:

Cakes are synonymous to birthdays and so someone must have made the cake Queen Mercy cut and ate by all. You can be a cake designer … the birthday bash was probably at an outdoor facility and not home – you can invest in events by having an events centre, maybe hotel with large events hall.

As an entrepreneur with high net-worth you can invest in a conglomerate (one-stop events businesses) Yes a group of firms around events – event planning, events hall, interior and exterior decoration, cake designing, ushers, fashion house which supply the wardrobe needs of brides and grooms … and travel agency with honeymoon mandate.

I’m talking generally but you know what’s best for you as an entrepreneur maybe potential businessman or woman.

Doris, the babe, the princess and the queen pasted an exotic smile on her pretty face – psychology and comedy there.

Psychologists are specialists with the mandate to make love and life stress-free, fun-filled for humanity.

Comedians add fun, bliss to people’s lives. They smile to the banks by exercising the jaws and exposing some of the 32 Naval Officers in us all.

Are you gifted in the arts of comedy, do you effortlessly make people laugh? Why not turn your talents, hobbies and passions to business.

You can be a stand-up comedian, an actor like the Funke Akindeles of this world or a musician like Folarin Falana (aka Falz) and Olamide (Badoo) – they are hip-hop artistes-cum-comedians, thanks to their humour-laced lyrics, and the funny accent of Falz.

Entertainment is vast but the borderline separating the various genres is blur which makes the big arts interwoven.

Above all I see God in her wellness.

I can see cars in the background – you can be a car dealer if you love cars and have the wherewithal.

Motor-mechanics are doctors of cars just as physicians are doctors of humans. Many mechanics are not only literates but university graduates and many make good money repairing cars of companies, individuals et al.

And the building? You can invest in building materials by stocking and retailing tiles, interlocking stones, roofing sheets …. Yeah I can see a building contractor in the house.

And many more.

Hope you enjoyed the trip. The model is Doris Simeon – Nollywood actress; image credit: social media

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