‘Unsung Heroes of Love.’

‘Welcome to life kisses,’ is a battle with stench.

Love is strong beer which is very potent and efficacious at the early stages of intimacy. Yes the alcohol content in love intoxicates big time and could make a man misbehave.

It blurs the senses and could make a woman see strengths where everyone including the baby in the womb are seeing red flags, lapses and loopholes.

Sleep is awesome, wholesome and very refreshing but you wake up manufacturing odour in cartons. Now a man who wakes his woman with kisses deserves awards for being a champion who could wrestle stench, capture and imprisoned skunk which is applicable to a woman who does same.

Taking your mouth and lips on an early-morning trip through the red sea of odourĀ  is no child’s play and such deserve medals – not for anything but for being drunk with the beer manufactured by love so much so that odour couldn’t stop him!

Now it’d be insult on injuries to condemn and not commend the lover-boy or girl who does such a feat – you may scratch that!

And the school of thought that believes kissing should be consensual so kissing a woman (maybe man) who’s sleeping is a form of abuse and the perpetrators are villains not heroes – they have points, don’t they? And by extension, the heroic exploits of princes in folklore should be condemned not commended.

Who wants to have a passionate kiss with stench? Not me!

In the first instance it’s unhygienic to kiss when brush … had not kissed your partner’sĀ  mouth. Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

(Pic credit: social media)

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