Come, come it’s kumkum’s baby bump © Adwoa Saah Boateng. She’s glad, proud to be on gestation highway. Baby bumps are signs and wonders of engineers called babies and are good and good news to families.  

Yes heaven help those who help themselves. As a woman if you want bigger butt – dreams right? Yeah! Sleep with your hubby and the ‘milk’ he couriers from his depot to your gas station is all you need to get it.

When baby is sowed and as he grows you experience baby bump, bigger butt, fuller bust but every plus attract minus and the ‘plus’ in this context is not exempted.

You get baby belly as well but this baby belly which you perceive as minus is also plus in disguise. Now in trying to get rid of same, you’re likely to eat healthy, workout more and as you lose the fat, you get ‘the fit,’ fitness is wellness and health! Lobatan 

To families across the globe cherish, value and nurture babies much more than baby bumps!

(image credit: social media; personalities: The Akwasi Boatengs).

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