Feedback in Intimacy.

Ghanaian media personality Belinda Addardey (aka Berla Mundi)

@ image above: when your wifey doubles as your mummy and gestures to you to come relish her meals … she’s done her part, yours is to show gratitude by sending 6-feet into your tummy.

Rejecting or not eating your wife’s meal is the biggest crime in love not punishable by law.

Linda Ikeji

When your wifey expresses her babe-cum-mistress personality and then pretends to be going out she’s done her part … yours is to follow … even Linda Ikeji won’t mind ibeji.

Nigerian footballer Kalu Uche gifts his sweetheart and wife Ada Kalu-Uche an SUV.

Now when your hubby proves to be your daddy … he’s done his part now be her baby … and show gratitude just as Ada did, part of it is sharing the wonderful moments on social media.

Cause and effect.

All these gestures highlight feedback which is very crucial in love and marriage. Don’t underestimate the power of open and honest communication in your love-life.

(image credits: social media)

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