Empowering Women for Nation Building.

Fulani milkmaids are mothers. (Credit: social media)

Jobs are diverse and you can be employed whether you’re lettered or not, after all money doesn’t discriminate based on one’s level of education. But above all peace and unity are needed for prosperity and posterity.

The role of Governments as a big player in the economy of a nation is to make the environment conducive for businesses to thrive and to provide jobs as well. And in this regard peace, unity and tranquility can’t be compromised in anyway whatsoever.

In making the business landscape conducive for businesses, Governments need to support women with diverse loan facilities, incentives, special jobs … when women are empowered their children feel the impact better and are better-off. Don’t forget children are part and parcel of societies.

We all know that women are less represented in governance and in the corporate world and so they need props and platform.

If a man gets a better-paying job, contracts, promotion … he may decide to take a new wife or probably do lavish birthday party for his mistress or maybe do remembrance for his late parents who had bade the world farewell many decades back … but women are closer to their families and are the centre of same and most of them would rather invest such in their family especially children and this will reflect in the society.

Mothers are true and real.

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