Bedtime Café (Sleeping on Duty)

When the songs coming from your new wife is ‘Empty barrels make the loudest noise.’  (credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

You were an A-list ladies man but your girlfriend refused to let you access and assess her but gave you a promissory note which reads –

‘Why are you so much in a hurry, can you fly to Canada or Calabar in Nigeria this minute? You need papers so put a ring on my finger and I’ll grant you passport to fly my airport’.

Months later you finally got engaged and she reneged on her promises claiming –

“Life is dynamic so is contracts, people, things change yet they don’t because there are clauses in virtually all deals but we chose not to ask questions … but I’m sorry darling, please forgive me. Marry me finally and I’m all yours. And the good news? If you do ‘I do’ with me tomorrow you’ll have your way tomorrow! So I didn’t really renege on my promises but crave extension which is a clause in our document but you never asked, so take me to court.”

You persevered and preserved your sweet-sweat and finally married but on the night of your wedding you were too tired to fire instead you were firing shots with your snores and your girlfriend … fiancée then, wife now looked at you thinking:

“See the man threatening fire and brimstone? So you’re this soft? Can’t believe sleep can arrest you without sweat. Only mouth, no actions!”

Lively night to all new couples, and lovely night’s rest to you all.

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