Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

Sheraton Hotel is a hotel chain with outlets in major cities of the world. (credit:

Tourism is nature, God’s blessings to humanity but terrorism is man-made which tries to sabotage tourism (God’s blessings).

Tourism and events are the best friends of hotel business, and hoteliers in Kenya et al are like ants in sugar but civil unrest, protests, riots … all man-made usually pour salt into the sugar of the ants and eventually soil and suck all the sugar leaving behind issues and stress for the ants.

Nigeria is a huge entertainment hub in Africa and the world, and entertainment, tourism are interwoven, in fact they are prolific business partners.

Events: World Cup 2018 is in Russia and believe me hotel business is selling big over there right now. Aside hotel business investors in other areas of Russian tourism and hospitality will be smiling to the bank as well.

Russia 2018 happening right now will help the Russian economy after all it’s taking Russia to the heart of the world.  In spite of the cantankerous issue Russia is battling some investors may invest in Russia if they fall in love and feel their investments are safe.

Jobs for African youths will contain unrest, curtail terrorism and that’s sweet mouth wooing foreign investors. Entertainment will introduce Africa to foreigners as well as invite them to come for business or pleasure.

Can you see why Governments need to take the issue of entertainment very seriously. Hollywood is contributing phenomenally to the American economy.

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