Talking About Ramadan (Interviews).

Muslimahs follow the dictates of Islam in their fashion choices.

Many phenomena in life have two opposing sides – heaven and hell; life and death, poverty and wealth; love and hate, health and ill-health and so on and Ramadan though a Holy Month is no exception.

We sampled the opinions of some Islamic faithfuls on what they find interesting and distressing about Ramadan so let’s hear them.

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“Many people quit alcoholic lifestyle and other social vices; those who are ill but have the strength to fast are healed in the Holy Month; the negative sides are insignificant as far as I’m concerned.” – Abdulakeem


“The Holy Month of Ramadan is synonymous with recitation of the Holy Quran, sins subside and blessings peak and the bond between humanity gets stronger, better and richer. The distressing thing is inability to eat when you’re hungry or feel like.” – Aishat Muhammed.

This is just the beginning so expect many more of this interview.

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