Russia 2018 Update First-Half Results (England 1-0 Croatia)

Croatia vs England (credit:

Croatia are good at sharing spoils and winning in penalties. They did that in second-round and quarter-finals and it won’t be unusual if they replicate same today so England need to be wary of this fact and perform optimally well.

England are putting the pace of Raheem Sterling to good use and so far it’s working positively for them and could be productive in the end.

The bullies in Croatia are back and if left unchecked the intimidation could subconsciously affect England and may favour Croatia in the end but if the referee cautions them with cards it will subside.

Ashley Young keeps improving, performing and that’s a plus to the whole England squad.

Croatia had come from behind to share the spoils and had ‘gifted’ goals to draw as well but they are performers in penalties and this might motivate them to share the spoils with England because they might subconsciously feel that drawing is winning for them.

45 minutes will decide the unpredictable second-half

Wishing both sides the very best of success.

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