Feelings Associated with Delayed Salaries.

The face of a 28-year-old lady who couldn’t woo, win her salary and worse still she couldn’t trap some cash from mummy not even daddy and so sooooo cash-strapped. (image credit: social media)

She had not been paid her salary and today is August 8, so she felt bad, bitter; so much so that she intimidated Peter who was bitter than bitter-leaf  because he could only access his salary 15 days into the new month.

Her thoughts: “If I’d married I won’t be in this terrible mess; after all my hubby would have bailed me out! What a miserable and irritable stage of life called Miss.”

Analysis: if she experiences this feelings (regardless of how frequent the biting situation arises) once in a while, it’s okay, normal, healthy but if it becomes a pattern, habit it becomes alarming.

Intervention: See, feel ‘the best’ now DON’T expect ‘the best’ later and by so doing you’ll attract ‘the very best’ in the future. Stop postponing your bliss and excitement and freedom.


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