Pray for Your Society.

Prayer is divine communication and much more. (credit: social media)

Today is Friday and Muslims the world over will be going to Mosques to commune with God, may God answer our petitions.

Whatever your religion please pray for our leaders and note the contents of those prayers, to partake and be part as a player. In other words practise as an individual especially those of us in Africa.

We’re the ones using 21st century gadgets, devices … enjoying lifestyles of modern times but armed with ancient mentality and mindset.

Consciousness is power and what you’re unaware of has power over you but what you’re conscious of has minimal impact on you and in fact, you can contain and curtail.

You’re a stakeholder in your society and if you’re conscious of your input, impact and the effect of your attitude and lifestyle in the scheme of things you’ll know how to handle that little drop you contribute.

Be the ambassador of the positive change you so much desire in your society – remember the person you can influence the most in life is that man or woman in the mirror – you!

Have a beautiful Friday.

Jummah Mubarak

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