Your Seed in What You See.

@ image: The bead-maker sees bead; the groom sees bride; the alcoholic sees palm-wine (credit: pinterest)

The Difference Between Wealth and Poverty.

You’re what you see and feel:

Wealthy people perceive wealth far away, (more like shark perceiving blood miles away) and most times wealthy people see this in its raw state and that’s why it’s wealth not riches but sometimes they see riches when mined and they set out before all others.

Most people perceive riches in its refined state and that’s why they are rich, maybe comfortable or simply above poverty but many don’t see riches even if it’s clothed in raw cash.

Leaders see and know leaders when they are followers but followers see leaders only when they lead. Followers who are leaders recognize leaders.

Are you a leader?

Lust blindfolds a typical Casanova so he sees curves, sex and not love and partner. A fashion designer perceives style, the makeup artist sees arts and beauty. The woman who loves her baby sees a life and celebrate her baby bump the one who will abort sees emptiness.

The baby sees, meal, milk and life sustenance and if possible (s)he could sentence daddy to exile who wants pleasure. Lol

Different people perceive things based on their mentality, personality, skills, mindset, experiences, experiments, exploits ….

What are you seeing?

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