Family, Contraceptives and Family Planning.

Family planning is health, bliss, space and peace of mind to parents. (credit:

Contraceptives come in their various forms and it’s better, safer to embrace the one that works perfectly for you and your family.

Singles who feel they can’t abstain from sex should give their mandate to contraceptives – condom, femidom … to stop STIs and avoid unintended pregnancy.

Family planning enhances adequate spacing between siblings and ensures minimal number of children per family.

Parents are just two, one in some special cases and if your kids outnumber you and your resources they will outsmart you. 11 players combat 11 on the football pitch 7, 8 or more against 2 isn’t ‘FIFA Fair Play’ in love.

Ironically those who have the resources to cater for their families don’t have many kids but those who don’t, go on to have 6, 7, 9 … and then they start sending children like emails to families, relatives, even friends. How bad!

Now I doubt if couples of humble homes have more sex than their counterparts who are comfortable or rich, but the difference is family planning in one case, and the lack of it in another.

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