Bedtime Café (Friday Nights)

As calm and peaceful as Friday night with one’s family. (image credit:

Friday night means many things to many people – to potential bride and groom it’s their last night as singles; to close-knit family it’s time to share fun, entertainment, love and unlimited joy and laughter.

To some singles, even married Friday night symbolizes drinks, music, red heels, clubhouse … to owambe lovers and goers it means party; to some Christians it connotes vigil especially the last or first Friday of the month.

To many workers, Friday night is password to rest and respite; passport to family time to others especially those who don’t bring files from office to home.

However you perceive Friday nights, one thing is common to them all, and it’s the fact that they are usually stress-free, fun-filled and arguably the softest and calmest part of the week.

Because Friday nights spill over to Saturday mornings and many don’t go to work on weekends, as such they enjoy tender night’s rest and savour the sweetest dreams. No alarm and attendant hissing but kissing even if it means your heart kissing your mind while you sleep like a baby.

Fortunately it’s Friday night tonight so enjoy the weekend with your loved ones.

Have a big and blessed weekend.

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