What’s Weekend to You?

Weekend is wedding

Weekend means different things to different people. To football lovers it’s soccer peculiar to club sides; to well-wishers, party lovers it’s owambe; to events-related biz people, it’s smiles work; to intimates, it’s dates and dating; to men, wooing; to ladies running; to housewives it’s cooking; to entertainment enthusiasts it’s movies ….

Lots of pics ahead

Weekend is shopping.

Weekend is get-together

Weekend is love-making bed.

Weekend is smiles.Weekend is makeup.

Weekend is selfies.

Weekend is romance.

Weekend is beach time

which is family time

Weekend is chit-chat

Weekend is quality time

in the kitchen and of course meals and meal times.

Weekend is aso-ebi

aso ebi is similar attire worn to events.

Weekend is football.

What’s weekend to you?

We are olayemiogunojo.com // We are weekends.

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