What Type of Teacher Are You?

Some images, ideas, experiences … leave our minds but leave their fragrance behind and that’s called memories, which often inspire and impact the present. (credit: freepik)

From crèche, elementary school through high school to college, countless schools there; countless teachers also!

Schools and teachers come and go but some teachers remain fresh in our memories till date.

Be that teacher whether you’re a kindergarten or university teacher, instructor, boss, parent, leader, preacher or whatever.

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I won't bore you or box myself by defining who I'm, what I'm or where I'm headed. I AM OLAYEMI JOSEPH OGUNOJO, a Nigerian and World Citizen and a student of the 'University of Life.' If you impart knowledge into every Tayo, Tanko and Tagbo you meet, they will impact every Tom, Dick and Harry they confluence.

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