Mums as Mothers and Teachers.

Pleasantries and updates are air to the lungs of friends at first meeting after a long hiatus

Two former classmates in college Funke and Daisy met when the former came to enroll her child in the school of the latter and after hugging and exchanging pleasantries the following conversations ensued.

Funke: Daisy, you made first-class in college so why are you teaching?

Daisy: Teachers whether in elementary, high school or college are knowledgeable and are paid to impart same and that’s exactly what I’m doing here; and in fact teaching and research should be reserved for the best brains. But honestly friend, I got married 11 months ago and need to slow down for some years till all my kids are mature enough before I begin to leave home as early as 5:00am and return at 10:00pm like you bankers.

Funke: That’s true but ideally ‘2-2 brains’ like me should be teaching while you banking.

Daisy: Says who? Though I never liked teaching jobs but now that I’m into it I might decide to start my own school someday.

Funke: Good of you. I’m also a smart mum though because my 60-year-old mum who is strong and agile, literate and enlightened stays with my kids and you know what, she’s a retired school headmistress! Nonetheless I leave home at 7:30am and leave office latest 5:30pm.

Daisy: Our kids are our tomorrow and we must not be selfish in pursuing our professional lives to the detriment of our personal lives.

Funke: So true. Family is first and last and career comes in-between.

October is month of teachers and teachers the world over deserve the very best working conditions. (image credits: ace edu/

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