Top 3 EPL Scorers after Week 27 (2017-2018) Term.

Phenomenal Spurs striker Harry Kane. (Image credit: Catherine Ivill / Getty Images)

At the end of week 27 (2017-2018 EPL Season) Harry Kane has netted 23 times and certainly counting. He won the EPL golden boot in 2015-2016 as well as 2016-2017 seasons and on his way to winning it for the third time in a row but can he be stopped? If injury doesn’t stop him then he possibly stopped himself but may not!

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The Legendary Thieves Called Snakes.

Eve subconsciously had passion for fashion and the temptations was too much but many Eves today are going back to nudity, the same thing that was obscene, absurd to the foremost Eve. (image credit: social media)

Eve had an encounter with snake in the garden of Eden and the innocence of humanity was stolen and when God decided to audit and punish their behaviours, accusations and counter accusations ensued. 

In Nigeria another Eve reportedly accused snake of stealing ‘frankincense’ and it became accusations and counter accusations –  ‘I never said that’ …. hmmmm! Continue reading The Legendary Thieves Called Snakes.

TAM (That Awkward Moment).

When bliss, self-pride meets with surprise and embarrassment you may try to smile but it’s not funny … and 10 seconds become 10 years.

This ‘TAM’ is drama at owambe.

When your friend invites you to a friend’s birthday party and the celebrant (your friend’s friend) exchanged pleasantries with you both then says to your friend, “Ore your attire is always satire, you can’t but come to owambe with friends prettier than the celebrants, that’s terrifically terrible but I hope she’s not twitter and snatcher  o if you know what I mean?” And you all laughed!

On hearing the allegations the celebrant’s fiancé came out to behold the angel and beauty queen and lo and behold he turned out to be your ex – as an undergraduate. Continue reading TAM (That Awkward Moment).

Money and Music Make Owambe.

Two busy minds sure need to owambe to rest, relax and refresh.

Money and music are Siamese twins – they are not just partners they are indispensable, inseparable friends. Now Owambe without money and music will be dry and dull in fact you need money to transform your events to owambe.

Of course you need money to make music and music gives you more money. It’s showbiz.
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Fashion & Style (PDQ Version).

Meet our PDQ personalities of the weekend:

When beauty and modesty hug and kiss true brides are unveiled.

PDQ is an acronym for Princess. Duchess. And Queen.

If a woman simultaneously mirrors a princess, duchess and queen she automatically becomes a PDQ Personality – on this site.

(Image credit: social media)

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Our Val. Baby Tiwaloluwa Chidera Aletile.

Tiwaloluwa Oluwademiladeola Chidera Aviella Aletile.

Tiwaloluwa Aletile (the daughter of popular Nigerian comedian Seyi Law and his wife and sweetheart Stacey) is our Baby of the Month (Val edition). She encapsulates and epitomizes the essence of Val.

She gave without sentiments and before she knew what giving was. Caring is giving and sharing and that was what Tiwa did to humanity. And so we celebrate her and her parents.

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‘Chioma the Avril in Davido’s April.’

Chioma Avril Rowland.

David Adeleke aka Davido is a Nigerian recording-cum-performing artiste who has blessed love and lovers the world over with so many sensational songs talk of Aye, If, Fall, Fia ….

Yes he’s got baby mama files which profile a part of him, and passionate about being the son of a billionaire (OBO) as well as money with its attendant heat and cold effect, but hey he knows his onions and his skilled love lyrics bless hearts with passion, dreams and desires.

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Leadership Mode in Africa.

True leadership sprouts on the soil of service to humanity.

The paraphernalia of political offices in Africa make leaders invincible, incorrigible. This ideology makes followers feel so s-m-a-l-l and leaders too big, more like gods. When our leaders ride on our roads and highways the noise of siren must swallow and silence any and every other noise in the environment and cars must pile, file along the route like camels on procession on sand dunes.

And the masses must gather as if God wants to give them white envelope housing the duplicate of their souls so they could live again after exhausting their first life. Continue reading Leadership Mode in Africa.

Career Opportunities for Beauty Queens.

Most Beautiful Model In Nigeria International, Queen Christy Daniels.

Many beauty queens just want to reign and model but there are many opportunities sleeping and snoring in this limelight that queens need to avail themselves of. You’ve got opportunities to deflect into entertainment – movies, music and the like.

You can also convert the opportunity at hand to transform to a media personality. Beauty sells big in media and entertainment – don’t forget advertising is part of media as well. Continue reading Career Opportunities for Beauty Queens.