Mr. & Mrs. (Formal vs. Informal Platforms)

They are couple; they are business partners. (credit:

Once they leave home (informal setting) they say bye-bye to the words ‘baby, darling, honey or dear.’

When they leave office they say good-bye to Mr. Gilbert or Mrs. Gilbert.

They are lovers; they are smart; they are business partners and managers. Continue reading Mr. & Mrs. (Formal vs. Informal Platforms)

Gratitude and Mental Health (II)

Visit your therapist and release your bile and take your bliss (credit: social media)

Ahmed had lost a major contract and as he was leaving the office of the permanent secretary … he opened his mouth and voiced, “Regardless of the outcome of my proposal, nagode Allah!”

But he’d not finished thanking God when his phone rang, he picked and the contract he applied for 3 months earlier came calling and guess what it was 3 times better than the one he just lost! Continue reading Gratitude and Mental Health (II)

Gratitude and Mental Health.

Gratitude makes life interesting and love exciting. (credit:

Jackson, a prolific investor with a famous clothing line and numerous shares in many companies just lost about $5b but he never sent smiles on exile and in lieu of gloom he voiced,

“2 months earlier I was richer by $7b and I just lost about $5b today who says I won’t be $10b richer in 3 months and if it gets worse the ugly times won’t last!” Continue reading Gratitude and Mental Health.

“The Ungrateful Cock!’

‘Adiye abolorun’ hiding from his bullies.

Adiye abolorun (chicken with no feathers on its neck) was bullied and taunted many times by other chickens in their kingdom.

He got fed up and decided to see and speak with God before committing suicide so he climbed the highest mountain to be in proximity with His maker and finally voiced his grievances, Continue reading “The Ungrateful Cock!’

Dignity in Labour.

Give us today our daily bread‘ but hey the predator was neither lying nor snoring in bed, it set out for its bread.

Whether you’re literate or unlettered find something worthwhile to invest your time in; contribute your quota to the economy of your nation.

Get involved but don’t venture into something you won’t be proud of, so make money the legitimate way! Continue reading Dignity in Labour.

The Partnership Between Creditors and Debtors.

Loan facilities are money and so risky on the street and in homes but safe in banks (credit: Business Insider)

Loans whatever mode should ginger you, inspire and motivate you to smartness, success in business; knowing full well that you’ve got a contract, an obligation to fulfill. Continue reading The Partnership Between Creditors and Debtors.

Cattle Farming and Business.

Meat, milk, butter, cheese come from cows. (credit: social media)

Poultry – chicken, turkey … provide eggs and meat; and cattle farming makes provision for milk and meat.

Many Yorubas, Igbos … own cows and are into cattle business but because the Fulanis are typically in charge of herding to and fro many are not aware of this fact. Continue reading Cattle Farming and Business.

Towel Palaver.

Towel is indoors and fashion without fuss. (credit: social media)

Toye detests towel but many wonder why until his roommate, Adamu asked him why?

“Why should I take my bath, clean, clear my body of dirt and then rub in dirt again? Childish right? Now if I can’t wash my towel every other day then it’s unfit to dry my wet, clean body!” Toye finalized! Continue reading Towel Palaver.

Money as Bird (II).

Money getting set to fly (credit: social media)

If you’re worth #10m per month do you know that you can save more than #3m every 4 weeks?  Little adjustment here and there. Note that little drops from our pockets amass overtime to become gargantuan!

Many times, people who gamble or game and win big share the jackpot with family and friends and before they say ‘savings is next’ everything is gone! Continue reading Money as Bird (II).