‘Dance as Celeb and Wages at Owambe’.

Your dancing skills as celebrants add to your video and bank accounts. (credit: howng.com)

When two dancers (groom and bride) meet, their wedding DJ works overtime without extra pay and their well-wishers pay for their extra effort with extra cash and the floor receives bumper harvest for the couple to indirectly harness. 

The better celebrants dance the more they pull effect, attract, eyes, money in terms of quality and quantity. Brilliant pupils impress their teachers and celebrants with dancing skills impress their well-wishers. Continue reading ‘Dance as Celeb and Wages at Owambe’.

Talking About Ramadan (Final Interviews).

It’s bye-bye to Ramadan and sure many Islamic faithfuls are already missing the Holy month but not to worry another is coming.

We bring to you finally the opinions of our respondents (Islamic faithfuls) on what they cherish and what challenges them during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Pics and info ahead
Continue reading Talking About Ramadan (Final Interviews).

VAW (Voices at Weddings: Ejiro Weds Otega (#Ejot2017 Part II)

The Emmanuel Emenikes on their wedding.

The Voice of the officiating minister in church:

” … this is the day that the Lord Almighty has made and we’d rejoice and be glad in it. This aspect of my sermon isn’t my jurisdiction but I’ve been given the pass and password by the groom’s main man. So with the powers vested on me I set out to teach the lessons of life via Ejot.

I don’t perceive anything in life as coincidence but providence at work. Continue reading VAW (Voices at Weddings: Ejiro Weds Otega (#Ejot2017 Part II)

Talking About Ramadan (Interviews III).


Opinions of Islamic faithfuls on what they cherish and what challenges them during Ramadan.

“The Holy month of Ramadan is associated with cleansing, holiness, purity, forgiveness of sins. And habits like drinking, womanizing, use of foul languages are all forbidden in Islam but many who practice these desist from them during the Holy Month.” Continue reading Talking About Ramadan (Interviews III).

‘As Beautiful as Combo of Races’.

Actress Kat Graham like actress Juliet Ibrahim  (credit Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Pandora)

People (kids, adults) who are products of diverse races are usually beautiful and charming.

Kat Graham has roots in diverse races and of course she’s got sublime beauty and her look-alike is actress Juliet Ibrahim who has mixed backgrounds as well.

Take a look at biracial celebs you know in Nigeria and ‘gorgeous’ will slap you in the face. Continue reading ‘As Beautiful as Combo of Races’.

Kat Graham’s Points on the Spotlight.

Miss. Charming describes American actress Kat Graham (credit: PacificCoastNews).

Exotic fashion tastes start with understanding your complexion, body architecture and knowing full well that colours and beauty are indispensable partners in fashion and beyond.

Now note that your skin has its own colour just as fabrics do.

You don’t have one natural colour but many – sourced from your hair, gum, teeth, skin, eyes …. Continue reading Kat Graham’s Points on the Spotlight.

Festivity as Family.

Festive occasions are marked with celebrations, merriment, meals, fun and laughter. (credit: AP)

Our global society is a community anchored on diverse families and festive occasions, success … and all the good things of life are meant to be shared.

So remember your neighbours, friends, relatives and members of the public – especially those grappling with poverty. Continue reading Festivity as Family.