‘When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones (II)’.

LA California. Bey-Blue Selfie at the NBA All-Star Game 2018.  (image credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

Some names are so common (Blessing, Mike …) that we meet many personalities bearing such names… and to differentiate one from the other we use codes sourced from their personalities.
Let’s check out how this female phone user (Amaka) stored the various ‘Uches’ in her phone.

Uche-DSTV – a staunch football fan who was fund of calling football-viewing centre ‘DSTV’ and subsequently wooed and won ‘DSTV-title.’
Amaka was a colleague of Uche and their other male colleagues branded him Uche DSTV.

Uche-Shoprite – you know people with minds that try perpetually to outsmart their brains. Yeah that’s the class this Uche belongs. Continue reading ‘When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones (II)’.

Bedtime Café (Food vs Sex).

If a hungry lion sees this face it’ll definitely cower and even take cover. (The Cable)

It was your birthday and your wife had informed you earlier that she was rich so no gift but she’ll compensate for that with birthday sex – and you knew it will be different sex.

She later called at 5:00pm that she was too tired to prepare dinner and you knew the implications – no food and no sex!

So what actually turned your face to a battle-ground? Continue reading Bedtime Café (Food vs Sex).

Nigerian Youths in Nigerian Society.

Success is joy and jubilation but when it’s unnecessarily delayed celebration is being denied. (image credit: social media)

If we’re not in someone shoes it’s easy not to feel their pains or gains some might not even believe their bitter story or testimony.

I’ve heard many stories of pregnant women carrying their babies for more than a year but I don’t and won’t say it’s false – though I don’t personally know anyone who had experienced same. Be that as it may.

Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” – John F Kennedy. Continue reading Nigerian Youths in Nigerian Society.

As Crucial as Feedback in Business.

Your phones are PAs make good use of them. (image credit: capriza.com)

What to communicate to customers:

New products and services, ongoing discounts, freebies, change of locations, mobile contacts ….


Remember to send them greetings on festive occasions and on special events in their lives – birthdays, anniversaries, coronation, convocation ….

I receive birthdays messages from my banks every December 18 and I’m sure you do and we all do. Continue reading As Crucial as Feedback in Business.

When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones.

Phones live in the hearts of business people and the heartbeat of businesses.

Some male and female names are so popular that they are like the air we breathe – talk of the universal ones – Blessing, Aisha, Esther, Zainab, Mary, Victoria, Mariam, Mike, Mohammed  ….

And here amongst the Yorubas of southwest Nigeria – the following names come expressly to mind – Adeola, Jumoke, Yetunde, Damola, Funmi, Kenny (from Kehinde) while Yemi and Bimbo are unisex names and so on. Continue reading When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones.

Bedtime Café (Attitude of Gratitude)

Having a bed-mate is blessings, it’s spice to sleep and available sex. (credit: social media)

Why do I publish Bedtime Café between 9pm and 10:30 pm Nigerian time? I do because I’m in Nigeria and so following the time at my disposal. I don’t follow Australian time (7:33am Tuesday morning April 17, 2018) nor Indian who are hours ahead of us and I don’t follow America nor Canada: 5:33pm Monday evening who are also behind us. 10:33pm in Nigeria same day (but Monday evening here)

Now if I follow the time of any of these countries then my timing will not match the bedtime in Nigeria and many will wonder why? Australians are on Tuesday morning same with Indians and Americans are in the afternoon right now but we are in Monday night here in Nigeria. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Attitude of Gratitude)

Stand up for Man City. The 2017-2018 EPL Champions.

The Citizens are 2017-2018 EPL Champions.

This is the first time in recent history that Man City will be winning the league convincingly, emphatically.

The other times they won: 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 the victory was decided on the last day of the league and they usurped the silverware from Man United and Liverpool respectively.

Success demands consistence and that’s why it’s a taboo to be complacent; therefore consolidate on your immediate success to convert to achievements. Continue reading Stand up for Man City. The 2017-2018 EPL Champions.

Road Palaver II (Rolls-Royce Mode)

Nigerian musician Kcee rolling with Rolls-royce phantom. (social media pic)

The Rolls-royce indirectly became a blessing to baba and his family. And baba bragged when he got home that night, “Olori, I’m tired of dry life, dry fish, dry pepper … so buy alaran fish … we’re eating eba with okro not alasepo o but GRA-okro this night!”

Olori looked at baba, her hubby as if he said he wanted to start a career in hip-hop music and managed to voice, “E n l’ala!”

The queen (olori) saw her hubby as a dreamer which she voiced (words in italics) and baba proved to her he wasn’t Biblical Joseph. He threw #1,200 on her laps and voiced, “When I said I don’t have #100 on me last night I was pretending … Aromolaran is olowondara!” Continue reading Road Palaver II (Rolls-Royce Mode)