Romantic senior couple relaxing outside
Longevity is privilege.

Because you’re the president of your nation doesn’t mean you’re the best leader around. Richest doesn’t mean smartest. Yeah the most famous music star doesn’t mean the most gifted. She’s the MBGN (Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria.) Yeah, theme of the beauty pageant. By extension Miss World is a representative of terrestrial angels, no more, no less! Continue reading Privilege

Football as Microcosm of Life (Part II)

3 starsFootball greats: Ribery, Messi, Ronaldo

In football if you go on reprisal mission you boil the blood of the referee and he could make you a scape goat with yellow card maybe turn you to steam and you vaporise from the pitch. Got my drift? Yeah, red card! If your offense deserves a yellow card, he could give you a red. Continue reading Football as Microcosm of Life (Part II)