Lagos State First Family.

The AmbodesThe Ambodes: Akinwunmi and Bolanle.

The First Lady Bolanle Ambode studied Physics/Mathematics at college and was a career woman before venturing into private practice. The Governor is a chartered accountant by training, an administrator and entrepreneur.

The Ambodes are both philanthropists, their marriage CV reads 25 years and of course counting!

We @ wish you blissful, and successful Alausa experience, greater service and fulfillment above all!

‘The Medicine in Arts.’

The Ransome Kutis Sefi Atta … with her physician-sweetheart, (at the extreme) Gboyega Ransome Kuti.

There’s medicine in arts because arts heal; there’s arts in medicine because it demands one’s skills!

Chimamanda, obviously a brilliant student … had a stint in Medicine … and married a medical practitioner, Dr Esege.

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Shades of Smiles.

Jackie Appiah Jackie Appiah sporting a disarming smile.

It’s midweek; how’s been your week? Smiles are Beauty Queens, makeup and makeup kit please don’t leave at home nor forget in the office!

Smiles come in diverse modes: casual, calm, executive, seductive, entertaining ….

That reminds me of award-winning OAP with Fresh FM, Ibadan Rolake Bello (Captain Rolly) you feel subtle smiles in her speech, better still her conversations are garnished with assorted smiles! Very special and unique attribute. She’s also pretty charismatic with the mannerism ‘Have a wonderful rest of your night,’ and ‘c-a-l-l m-e b-a-c-k, please c-a-l-l me back!’

Indeed women make life captivating! Let’s check out the customised smiles of some notable movie acts.

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Self-Interest Predicts Attitudes.

ExecutiveBusiness is fun if our hobby is our business. (Pic: shutterstock)

We all love to protect our interest and the behaviour ensuring and measuring this phenomenon is called vested interest.

Our self-interest per time is a predictor of our attitude at the time. There’s this popular dictum that says In politics no permanent friends or foes but permanent interest. That’s applicable to life as well.

One of the topical issues at the moment in Nigeria is the idea of extending maternity leave to six months, the template for this write-up. A female employee happily married and in her late 20s would likely support the policy granting nursing mums six-month leave but if she turns out to be an employer in the future with married and single women in her payroll, she’s most likely to fight tooth and nail to oppose the policy!

So what happened to the attitudes of the woman in the time space between being an employee and an employer? Self-interest changes over time and so do our attitudes because situations and status change! Continue reading Self-Interest Predicts Attitudes.

Leap While You Have Limbs!

depressedThe hardest informed-decisions often turn out to be mines of peace and pleasure (Image: shutterstock)

Your body was invested in your relationship which later turns out sour, bitter and abusive but you don’t want to let go! People hardly change so look before you leap. If he slaps you in public or private as dates he’ll likely send you to the hospital many times in marriage. So think twice!

An ideal man turns over a new leaf because he wants to not because you were the angel that basically transformed him.

You felt you’ve lost your body now don’t lose your mind, limbs or life because of the first mistake. Remember mistakes gives birth to more grievous mistakes! Run for your life!

Let Her Go!

pensive manA broken premarital relationship is better off than divorce. (Pic: WeHeartIt)

Huge amount of your money went 6 feet below in trying to upgrade her life so you don’t want to let go after you discovered you weren’t compatible and can’t weave a formidable team. Think twice! Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

Maybe you paid her bills through college and you want to patch things up to avoid the pains of wasted money, time, effort …. If you know for real that she’s not meant for you and vice-versa please let her go!


Your spouse immeasurably impact the quality and quantity of your life so let go of the past for a promising future!

Attaining vs Maintaining Fame.

James James.

“Maintaining fame is more difficult though attaining same is no child’s play. To attain fame you need the right set of people, right connect and network, if you don’t have influential network it could translate to an adventure of wild goose chase. So you need the right people at the right time and phase to connect with fame but maintaining it involves lots and loads of sacrifices.”

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Be Proactive.

Portrait of a Family Lying on the Beach
Family is a biological bond and social network. (Image: pinterest)

Climate experts have warned (and warning) Nigerians of the likelihood of flood and flooding  in some states in Nigeria therefore be alert and stay alive! I pray we don’t experience what happened in 2012 again.

Many might say, God forbid, it can never happen … not to my family, not in Nigeria … God is my shield and it ends there, how bad! Who wants to wine with the devil? Nobody prays for evil! Now remember heaven helps those who help themselves! Too religious people sometimes behave as if they are holier than God!

The harmattan early in the year was serious, the rains so far, intense; the cold is gathering momentum, it’s therefore logical that if flood is planning a coup the revolution could be grave but prevention is better than intervention! Be proactive not reactive!

Remember God saved Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from death when they were forcefully made tenants in the apartment where Mr. Fire better still Chief. Conflagration was the landlord. Now he could have saved Lot et al in biblical Sodom, in the midst of the impending disaster but He chose the Usain Bolt format, in other words He told them to run and in procrastination He improvised! Continue reading Be Proactive.