World’s Richest Men 2016

Bill GatesBill Gates is 60; he’s worth $75 Billion; his notable investment is Microsoft.

Bill Gates has built a reputation as a serious thinker about the world’s problems and has steered the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to tackle knotty issues like improving health care and the use of vaccines in developing countries.

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Spice Up Your Relationships as Couples.

black-couple-laughing(Image: Thinkstock.) Play games as couples to add spice and salt to your friendship.

Couples can relieve old memories, entertain themselves and the world at large by being eclectic and creative.

Go on vacations to romantic cities around the world … add pep and spice to your holidays by playing games. If you don’t have the financial resources, you can holiday in your country.

For Nigerian couples, Calabar is your perfect choice!

Walk along a busy street on a busy day and let your spouse try to woo you. Walk majestically while he accosts you trying to make passes at you.

Embarrass him and make people laugh, have fun, big fun! Tease him, “Hey, young man stop following me around like a crushing teenager on his first wooing experiment!”

Your hubby (now suitor) may reply, “B-a-b-e, I’m no teenager and I’ve got no crush or lust for you, but love, I mean pure l-o-v-e!”

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Real Madrid: 2016 UEFA Champions League Winners.

Champions LeagueReal Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 4-1 in 2014 to win the Champions League silverware and they replicated same about an hour ago.

Atletico Madrid deserve the Champions League Silverware but Real Madrid demand and won it!

Atletico eliminated Bayern Munich and Barcelona who have the potential to delete the 2016 Champions-League dreams of Real Madrid but unfortunately fell before their staunch rival, Real Madrid!

Congrats, Real Madrid!

Prospective Parents.

Binta IBinta Badmus.

Our respondents are university undergraduates, adults of course and the question is, “What are those wonderful things about your parents that you cherish so much and would love to replicate when you become a parent as well?”

Binta Badmus says, “They disapprove late-nights and don’t allow us spend our holidays with anybody anyhow and of course they love and value education!”

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Your Home as Nest.

Ay-Comedian-MabelThe Makuns (Snr) Ayo and Mabel.

Marriage is a nest that cradles children, so parents need to stoically weather whatever storm comes their way.

Repair and refurbish your marriage regularly and make it conducive for the healthy growth of your children.

Issues will arise but resolution is paramount!