Parents as Life-Long Teachers.

mother-son-readingAs a parent impact knowledge and passion for same.

Your children ‘change’ teachers as many times as possible but parents are lifelong teachers. In fact parents choose (indirectly) their children’s teachers when they pick schools for them.

 Interaction between mother and child:

 The woman in my case study was teaching her son Roman Numerals 1 = I; 2 = II; 3 = III; 4 = IV; 5 = V; 6 = VI; 7 = VII; 8 = VIII; 9 = IX. When she got here, her child became inquisitive and wary.

 Yeah he paused, did some mental calculations and wonder what on earth happened? “M-u-m-m-y why can’t 9 be VIIII instead of that?” Your child asks innocently but you rebuked him! Alas, don’t kill his inquisitiveness, greatness is stocked therein. Matter-of-factly, it’s better for you not to teach him at all than to teach and kill his curiosity about life.

 “This boy, you’ve started again, now shut up! I don’t have that time luxury to explain that. A boy that should be interested in building his foundation in education, ironically he’s already a college professor instructing and correcting. Life is in stages; therefore take one step at a time. Don’t fly when you should be crawling!” she finalized. Continue reading Parents as Life-Long Teachers.

Trust and Trustworthiness in Love

Young African American Couple Eating Meal At Home
Honesty is fertile ground for love and trust to blossom.

It was Val and Adjoa’s birthday bash so Adjoa’s fiancé, Kofi wanted to mirror Mr. Romantic he therefore asked at the middle of the event what she (Adjoa) wanted for Val as well as her birthday. She smiled and asked if he would honestly grant her, her request and Kofi said,

“Of course babe, not because I wanted to please you nor our well-wishers but because I loved and will always love you! Air, you’re my sweetest, my sweetheart and there’s nothing in this world I can’t give or release to you … even I can export my soul to heaven so you can stay on earth and enjoy life.” Continue reading Trust and Trustworthiness in Love

3 Days to Val.

Men and womenMen and women are similar yet dissimilar.

Our God is a God of varieties. Adam wasn’t complete without Eve and no posterity without her.

Beauty comes in varieties: dulcet voice, winsome smiles, dimples, liquorice gum, lovely lips, hips, hair, height, shape, fashion taste … so whoever you are, you own beauty resources and many more are within reach. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Men are fussy about sex; women about love, men about beauty, women about money. Her beauty captured you and her heart handcuffed you!

Women see safety which has a link with financial security before walking down the aisle with you. Perhaps you’re comfortable and/or upwardly mobile, rich, wealthy, promising, ambitious, courageous, maybe you mirror leadership traits … so they don’t just fall in love randomly.

They lust after something and love eventually. If she’s richer or feels she’s rich enough maybe you’re smarter, bigger, prettier … her initial lust was anchored on something. Indeed life is about give-and-take!

Perhaps your money was the apple and your heart (compatibility with her) was the apple juice that served as quagmire and imprisoned her.

Dads and Daughters

Daughter Straightens Father's Tie Before He Leaves For Work
Dads are their daughters’ first intimate love.

Most dads ideally wouldn’t want to release their daughters to any man but of course they’ve got no choice, after all they can’t marry her and worse still she can’t and won’t remain a spinster for life.

Life must go on and dad must be grand-dad.

Single men accuse their girlfriend’s dad for being too strict and highly protective of their daughters but wait for them to marry and see them replicate similar gesture and sometimes worse-off

Promiscuous men won’t release their daughters to ‘birds of a feather.’ So in this context, birds of a feather won’t flock together. Indeed no hard-and-fast rule in life.

Val-Based Behaviours of Men.

Harry kane
Attacking football sensation Harry Kane.

Do men perceive love like football?

Some men typically run away from their lovers at Val because of many reasons.

Some have many girlfriends and can only spend the occasion with just one or two so they visit their minds, run the machinery and manufacture lies and excuses – to deregister some ladies.

At times it could be money variable. The guy knows that his girlfriend maybe fiancée would be expecting gifts, romantic date, movies, dinner … and all these are capable of sending money to the morgue. Continue reading Val-Based Behaviours of Men.