Cupid’s Bow Lips

Cupids Lips#Cupid’s Bow Lips

Lips too have curves, my oh my, and curvy lips are called Cupid’s Bow Lips. Celebs blessed with these lips are Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and the like.

Cupid’s Bow lips are another components of beauty just like dimples, gap tooth, liquorice gum …. It got its name from the bow of Cupid – legendary god of love.

Health Choices

Walk-for-Good-HealthEnlightened couples input health choices.

When the weather is cold you take steaming tea, coffee, deck warm clothing. In heat you switch on your ACs, turn on your fan, open the louvres and if you’re at home you could strip to your underwear.

You voluntarily control your external environment for the health and safety of your internal and hence total bodily environment. Continue reading Health Choices