Bedtime Café (Campus Life).

Campus-life is such an interesting adventure. (credit: social media)

In female hostel the argument could be who’s prettier between American reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Nicki Minaj?

In male hostel, it’s who’s richer between CR7 and Lionel Messi, better still who’s better on the pitch between the duo!

During exams, as one student is coming back from class and preparing to sleep, another is waking up and planning to go to night class. Continue reading Bedtime Café (Campus Life).

News (Telecoms).

When your airtime meant strictly for calls is automatically converted to data – via auto-renewal service, frustration inevitably slaps your mind.

We have 4 major GSM service providers in Nigeria – 9-mobile, Globacom, MTN and Airtel.

One of these companies send codes for stopping auto-renewal (of data) via SMS to its customers after every auto-renewal BUT the code is no longer functioning and this should serve as reminder for the company to update its facilities.

Transportation and communication are crucial to societies and we appreciate these GSM service providers for many innovations they had introduced and many more in the future. Continue reading News (Telecoms).

Wedding Files from the North (Hausa Wedding)

When weekend whispers weddings follow.

This special edition is for fashion designers, fashion enthusiasts, makeup artists, beauty specialists and stylists, not forgetting photographers, fashionistas, socialites and of course all lovers of fashion, as well as African culture in general, Hausa tradition in particular and owambe – Nigerian-themed parties.

Northern Nigeria aside being vasts in landmass, it’s got peoples, various tongues and diverse ethnic groups predominantly Hausas, Fulanis, Kanuris et al and the two main religions are Islam and Christianity. If I say Tanko Shinkafi gives his mandate to tuwo shinkafa it’s like saying Lasagna is Italy. Now please enjoy the feast.

Many pics ahead Continue reading Wedding Files from the North (Hausa Wedding)

Pot of Issues.

Your neighbours could mean people from other religions, race, political affiliations … and not necessarily spatial (residential) neighbours.

Rahman Seriki a certified computer engineer works in the Lagos head-office of PHOTOPS – phones and laptops retailing and repairing company with branches in 3 commercially big cities in Nigeria – Kano, Ibadan and Onitsha.

Isaac the marketing manager of the company in Kano was on an official visit to the Lagos (head-office). Where he met Rahman and his colleagues. Isaac was an extrovert and they all bonded in minutes and had a long chat but Rahman later excused himself to use the restroom and that was a silent alarm to Isaac who felt his bladder was full and needs to be emptied as well. Continue reading Pot of Issues.

TAM (That Awkward Moment: in the Exam Hall).

Awkward moments are diverse but each makes you highly uncomfortable.

This edition of TAM is a true-life story.

Earlier in elementary school, Mathematics wasn’t big deal to me but as I advanced it became issue, big issue but the biggest issue was in high school.

And through high school and beyond we were Tom and Jerry for it was thorns in my flesh but I eventually scaled the hurdle.

It was this Mathematics in Sheep’s clothing (Statistics: PSY 405) that I was battling with as a Psychology-undergraduate that Internet became slower than the slowest chameleon, but who was to blame – Yemi! Continue reading TAM (That Awkward Moment: in the Exam Hall).

‘When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones (II)’.

LA California. Bey-Blue Selfie at the NBA All-Star Game 2018.  (image credit: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)

Some names are so common (Blessing, Mike …) that we meet many personalities bearing such names… and to differentiate one from the other we use codes sourced from their personalities.
Let’s check out how this female phone user (Amaka) stored the various ‘Uches’ in her phone.

Uche-DSTV – a staunch football fan who was fund of calling football-viewing centre ‘DSTV’ and subsequently wooed and won ‘DSTV-title.’
Amaka was a colleague of Uche and their other male colleagues branded him Uche DSTV.

Uche-Shoprite – you know people with minds that try perpetually to outsmart their brains. Yeah that’s the class this Uche belongs. Continue reading ‘When Brands and Companies Catwalk into Phones (II)’.

Nigerian Youths in Nigerian Society.

Success is joy and jubilation but when it’s unnecessarily delayed celebration is being denied. (image credit: social media)

If we’re not in someone shoes it’s easy not to feel their pains or gains some might not even believe their bitter story or testimony.

I’ve heard many stories of pregnant women carrying their babies for more than a year but I don’t and won’t say it’s false – though I don’t personally know anyone who had experienced same. Be that as it may.

Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” – John F Kennedy. Continue reading Nigerian Youths in Nigerian Society.

As Crucial as Feedback in Business.

Your phones are PAs make good use of them. (image credit:

What to communicate to customers:

New products and services, ongoing discounts, freebies, change of locations, mobile contacts ….


Remember to send them greetings on festive occasions and on special events in their lives – birthdays, anniversaries, coronation, convocation ….

I receive birthdays messages from my banks every December 18 and I’m sure you do and we all do. Continue reading As Crucial as Feedback in Business.