If Women Traditionally Propose Love and Marriage to Men.

Kehinde Adetoye

It’s the age of express information and women tend to be making exploits in life as well as love and proudly championing causes, going into politics, proposing love, which x-ray the fact that  contemporary women are beginning to sprint where they hitherto sashay and are now coming out of their cocoon to express their intimate feelings to men.

In fact a lady proposed marriage to her fiance some weeks back and he accepted and life goes on … and I want to believe the man would cherish her for her honesty and effrontery and deliver his very best to make the marriage work.

Many women would see the lady as pace-setter whose gesture should be appreciated and emulated and many more will have their reservations and even criticize her guts. Different strokes for different folks. Continue reading If Women Traditionally Propose Love and Marriage to Men.

Toward a Safe Christmas.

Drive to arrive and stay alive. credit: social media

Christmas is here and we usually celebrate festive occasions with our loved ones – family, friends and relatives. And to fulfill this obligation we travel from our work stations, schools … to our various destinations which fill our roads, streets and highways with human and vehicular traffic.

Igbos in Nigeria especially in Lagos love to celebrate Christmas in their towns and villages in the East and so many leave Lagos for Anambra, Owerri, Abia, Enugu … and from there to their various country homes to enjoy rustic Christmas.

Events are celebrations and when they are religion-based like Christmas, Sallah, New Year … they become sensational. Continue reading Toward a Safe Christmas.

Week 16 (2017-2018) EPL Results and Analyses.

Nicolas Otamendi winner at Old Trafford (credit: Getty Images).

Westham 1-0 Chelsea: kudos to the Hammers.

Burnley 1-0 Watford: the Clarets!

Crystal Palace 2-2 Bournemouth: the Eagles should learn to win more than draw the fang of relegation is in the flesh of you guys, hope you know that?

Huddersfield 2-0 Brighton: what the Terriers suffered in the hands of the Toffees last week was what the Seagulls experienced in their hands as well.

Swansea 1-0 Westbrom: surprise surprise! Continue reading Week 16 (2017-2018) EPL Results and Analyses.

Start Right This Week.

God instituted the home as our internal and eternal support base as individuals. (credit: linkedin.com)

Monday is here, another beautiful, wonderful week is here so hug and kiss. Now know and note that the beauty of the week is anchored on your outlook and attitude.

Gratitude. Thank God for the gift of life.

Now have you set your goals for the week? If yes go ahead and document. Have the list on your phone or in print format and endeavour to access regularly.

As you traverse the week tick the ones you’ve achieved and target the remaining ones. Those little successes count you know. Continue reading Start Right This Week.

Christmas Gifts for Men (Desmond-Elliot Inspired).

Nollywood actor, movie director and legislator (Lagos State House of Assembly member), Desmond Eliot.

The profession your hubby belongs may inspire the type of gifts you source for him but his general lifestyle is too sacrosanct and highly significant to ignore.

From Desmond Eliot’s image above let’s access the gifts you can get for your partner and important men in your life, as a woman:

You can choose from this list: hats, wristwatch, belt, shirts, denim jacket, hair and body cream, hair brush ….

(more pics and info) Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Men (Desmond-Elliot Inspired).

Christmas Gifts for Your Parners (Nadia Buhari-Inspired).

Ghanaian actress Nadia Buhari. (credit: Instagram)

Every woman wants to look and feel good. So what makes an ideal woman stay clean, fresh and smooth?

Peace of mind, attention, affection, attitude of gratitude, love … money to eat quality, use quality cosmetics and wear quality. Therefore monetary gift isn’t bad.

Many times we think we know our significant others and their needs but many times we don’t and that’s where the gift of money comes expressly, appropriately. Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Your Parners (Nadia Buhari-Inspired).

Christmas Gifts for Women (Toke Makinwa-Inspired).

Toke Makinwa is a Nigerian media personality, an A-list fashionista and socialite.

Gifts inspiration sourced from Toke’s attitude and attire:

You can gifts your wife, fiancee or girlfriend et al – exotic shoes, boho, boubou or other versions of gown.

Don’t forget sunglasses, handbag, wristwatch and the like. Sunglasses come in diverse hybrids so find out if she likes mirrored sunglasses.

(more pics and info if you click) Continue reading Christmas Gifts for Women (Toke Makinwa-Inspired).

December 2017 Derby: Man United vs Man City.

Man United vs Man City unarguably, undoubtedly is the biggest game of week 16, December 2017. (credit: social media)

Man United vs Man City: the Red Devils sure have a very compact defense – thanks to their keeper and defenders, and the Citizens have formidable attacking squad.

I don’t see Man City losing this game though the tendency to win is quite slim. Man City are potential champions just as Man United. However, if the Red Devils lose to their biggest rivals they automatically  gift the Citizens 3 points and the gulf between them jumps to 11 points now that’s frustrating and disappointing and the potential champions in the Red Devils may never allow that to happen and this is raw motivation which has the qualities to spur and peak United’s overall performance! Continue reading December 2017 Derby: Man United vs Man City.

Gifts and Christmas.

Nigerian footballer Uche Kalu with his sweetheart-wife, Ada. (credit: social media)

Gifts are icing on the cake of success and they usually accompany our events, don’t forget events are celebrations of success. Talk of birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, convocations, house-warming, child-naming, religious festivals ….

Christmas is in the air and having life is success and we celebrate the occasion with our loved ones by spending time together, swapping gifts …. Continue reading Gifts and Christmas.

15 Days to Christmas!

Families celebrate Christmas and Christmas celebrates families. (credit: social media)

It’s 15 days to Christmas and I can perceive her fragrance in the air.

May this Christmas be lovely, lively for your family and friends.

May it be refreshing and interesting for your loved ones.

May all your dreams and desires raps your door and embrace your heart.

Merry Christmas from all of us @ olayemiogunojo.com