Money as Bird (II).

Money getting set to fly (credit: social media)

If you’re worth #10m per month do you know that you can save more than #3m every 4 weeks?  Little adjustment here and there. Note that little drops from our pockets amass overtime to become gargantuan!

Many times, people who gamble or game and win big share the jackpot with family and friends and before they say ‘savings is next’ everything is gone! Continue reading Money as Bird (II).

Partnership in Business.

The three friends: women, phone and selfies.

The partnership peculiar to love and lovers is marriage and it adds to the shareholders.

A rich career woman can loan or gift her hubby seed capital to float his business or use her contacts to access loan facilities on his behalf; same way a man can sponsor his wife to college to earn her first, maybe second degree. Continue reading Partnership in Business.

‘Sunday Night Fever.’

A doting dad helping his son with his homework (credit: Tim Pannell/Corbis)

Assignments are usually difficult and at times above our scope as kids and perhaps that’s why they are take-home works.

Our teachers back in the day and teachers of nowadays knew their pupils will seek help from adults and perhaps want to stretch, tempt or test us before finally solving the puzzles. Continue reading ‘Sunday Night Fever.’

Politics, Leadership and Polity.

Governor-elect Ekiti State (southwest) Nigeria Kayode Fayemi (credit:thenewsnigeria)

Politicians carryover politics to leadership but true leaders leave politics behind to better their societies.

Whether you’re a politician in Nigeria or Africa or wherever, exercise restraint while campaigning for elective posts and positions. . Continue reading Politics, Leadership and Polity.

Applying the Tools of Science and Spiritual in Seeking Your Future Partner.

Blank love with haste could trigger bland life (credit: Video Blocks)

You’d fasted, prayed to God for a man you could call yours, that’s nice but usually not enough so add and apply science to same.

Partnership between man and God there.
Continue reading Applying the Tools of Science and Spiritual in Seeking Your Future Partner.

The Wedding Shoes of Wales.

Consciousness many times prevents day of bliss from becoming bile (credit: social media)

Many times grooms change apartment when their marriage is around the corner but most times marriage rush and adrenaline don’t allow them to really settle in and settle down.

Nature abhors vacuum and since the old occupants had moved the only tenant in the house was vacuum which automatically invited insects and the latter invited all sorts of pests to come owambe. Continue reading The Wedding Shoes of Wales.