Croatia Are Through to the Second Round.

Luka Modric goal is such a beauty queen and what an emphatic win (credit: TelemundoSports)

Team Croatia are through to the second round – two games, two wins,  two clean sheets and 5 goals.

So who joins them? Time will tell!

My only advise to the Super Eagles of Nigeria is never to underrate or overrate Iceland and then Argentina but Iceland first – they say one step at a time. Continue reading Croatia Are Through to the Second Round.

Russia 2018 Updates: Argentina Vs Croatia ….

Argentina vs Croatia (credit: Matthew Childs/Reuters)

The Croatians are strategists as well as opportunists. They bully and intimidate via their covert and overt fouls and this have been working for them so far and may work further.

They get cards (yellow) but if their opponents are not cautious they could bag red. They study their opponents and try to suffocate or stop them from playing their games.
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‘By Their Tongues.’

This is Oja-oba market, Ilorin. (credit: Leah Foundation)

Letter ‘r’ proves hard-to-get (better still hard-to-pronounce) to many Ilorin (North-central Nigeria) people and if you want their mouths and teeth to collide while pursuing letter ‘r’ (in life not love this time around) just write this statement and tell them to read out loud:

“Rola rides a ripe rolls-royce along Wright Road just like model Rakiya on the runway.”

The Issue of Classmates.

Actor and scholar Kola Oyewo. (image credit: PM News)

In elementary through high school you may not have a classmate who’s 5 years your senior but in college you may have those who had been in life 20 years before you became the real JJC crying in the hands of medics and this is particularly common in some special programmes in Nigerian colleges – DL (Distance Learning), NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) and part-time programmes in polytechnics. Continue reading The Issue of Classmates.

Bedtime Café (marriage palaver)

Sleep is the library that detects but detests noise and distractions. (credit: stock video)

Mothers usually look forward to becoming grandmothers and many times they inadvertently put their children on the hot seat.

Rotimi was a 35-year-old bachelor working and living in Lagos while his parents live in Ibadan. One weekend his mum, Mrs. Obi Obiniwa went to Lagos from Ibadan to know why Rotimi had not brought a lady home to introduce to them …. Continue reading Bedtime Café (marriage palaver)

Talking About Social Media (Interviews).


Perceptions and opinions of our respondents on what they like and dislike about social media:

“Antidote to boredom – many times when I’m bored I go online to seek fun and entertainment. Marketing platforms: you can use the facility to market your goods and services. Lost but found: social media has helped many of us search for, locate and reconnect with friends in the past. It’s also a medium to showcase your talents, skills … so social media stock fame and fortune for the gifted and smart.

more pics and info ahead Continue reading Talking About Social Media (Interviews).

SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama) II

The traffic caused by A-list celebs on social media is longer than any gridlock on any highway. (image credit: Premium times)

Commenter H (f): Who’s the whistle blower here, we need to identify such and deal with him or her?

Commenter I (m): Nollywood actress, Dolly she started the war which has wounded many and red cross officials, security agents et al had taken them to the hospital. Continue reading SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama) II

SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama)

Social media boasts of online citizenry. (credit: premium times)

On Father’s Day (June 17)  a celeb shared the picture of her children with the caption –

Two make babies but fools woo and later boo and leave rabies in ladies. He professed love as daddy, hubby but absconded from babies, wife and bills but thank God for nice job, my bills and baby no sweat!’

Please note symbol F connotes female and M represents male. Continue reading SMD (Social Media Drama: Father’s Day Drama)

Contacts as Contracts

Supermodel Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi. (credit: social media)

Money, fame, power and influence love one another and most times they want to wine and dine together and they actually do, after all birds of a feather they say flock together.  

The one with political ambitions is being sponsored by moneybags so that when the politician becomes a leader he would enjoy contracts, business deals … and so the businessman could consolidate on his status to climb higher on the wealth ladder. Continue reading Contacts as Contracts