Tooth-Brush and Tooth-Brushing

CR7 cleaning his 32 naval officers. (

One thing that is certain that virtually all of us will do this morning –  brush and bath!

Many Arabs, Indians, Koreans, Japanese … had all observed that and are already in their workplaces – offices, schools, workshops … and many Nigerians, French, Germans are doing that right now while some had and many more will later carry out the routine. Continue reading Tooth-Brush and Tooth-Brushing

Welcome to Harmattan.

Harmattan is in the city (credit:

Harmattan is a special season which archives dry and hazy northeasterly trade wind which blows from the Sahara Desert over West Africa to the gulf of Guinea.

Southern part of Nigeria flaunts more rains but northern side boasts of more harmattan … harmattan usually starts in November peaks in December-January and finally leaves around March the following year. Continue reading Welcome to Harmattan.

‘Jealous and Envious Variables Impacting Men of all Races.’

Maintaining healthy balance between career and family is big issue to many men. (

Money and love are two essential variables in life and an ideal man need both to express, experience and enjoy family-life but the two variables are bosom friends, arch rivals yet sworn-enemies. Continue reading ‘Jealous and Envious Variables Impacting Men of all Races.’

Your Selling Point in Business (Lesson from 7up)

With research old products are like old wine they get better with age (credit:

The range of products in 7up Bottling Company Ltd are 7up, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Teem, Mirinda ….

7up and Pepsi we knew as kids and birthdays were not complete without 7up … ‘the difference is clear’. And as kids we were able to relate to the fido-dido contraption and ad. campaign. Continue reading Your Selling Point in Business (Lesson from 7up)

Countries and Companies (Dell Technologies)

Dell Company (credit:

Dell is a multinational brand with roots in the United States. Its head office is located at Round Rock, Texas.

Michael Dell is the founder and the eponymous brand is themed after him. The corporate organization with subsidiaries sells, service and repair computer products and their accessories ….

It was founded on February 1, 1984. Continue reading Countries and Companies (Dell Technologies)

The Place of Pleasure in Business.

Business and pleasure don’t mix, in that you can’t hire water to team with fire to become business partners. (credit: social media)

Many businesses would have succeeded but because their managers mixed business with pleasure they never did!

The (wo)man who enjoys discounts, freebies, buys your wares on credit … and comes around regularly will wreck your business in no time. So be wary of the intimacy, friendship you encourage on the job! Continue reading The Place of Pleasure in Business.