Football as Microcosm of Life (Part II)

3 starsFootball greats: Ribery, Messi, Ronaldo

In football if you go on reprisal mission you boil the blood of the referee and he could make you a scape goat with yellow card maybe turn you to steam and you vaporise from the pitch. Got my drift? Yeah, red card! If your offense deserves a yellow card, he could give you a red. Continue reading Football as Microcosm of Life (Part II)

Social Media Drama (SMD)

oddStranger than fiction.

She spent about 70 per cent of her wake-hours online and sometimes steals up to 10 percent of her natural offline (sleep) to be online. She checks the pictures of friends, relatives, family and rivals alike to access and assess fashion trends. Most times she logs off feeling downcast, upset, alarmed after seeing pictures that smell first class beauty, affluence, exotic fashion sense but only on the surface. Continue reading Social Media Drama (SMD)

The Perks of Football.

PerksChelsea: proud winner of 2014-2015 Season of the English Premier League (EPL)

Players pocket enviable wages on weekly basis in addition to other benefits associated with the game. Football gives many players the opportunity to learn diverse languages apart from their native or official language. English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Arab are quick to embrace our consciousness. Continue reading The Perks of Football.