When Proximity Breeds Contempt.

Familiarity truly breeds contempt even in intimacy. (social media)

In marriage, proximity is an essential ingredient for love and her music romance to flourish and intimacy and affection to thrive but when lovers who are unmarried are living together (cohabitation) as we have amongst our undergraduates and other demographic groups it becomes alarming. Cohabitation is much more common amongst students who stay off-campus relative to those who stay on campus. Continue reading When Proximity Breeds Contempt.

God as the Foremost Fashion Designer.

Women and fashion are best of friends. Pic source: angelsilk.blogspot.com.ng)

D + D = F In other words Deceit plus Disobedience birth Fashion. And style was delivered of as a result of our diverse personalities.

The serpent was able to deceive Eve because she couldn’t overcome the temptation that came face-to-face with her and as such she disobeyed God … same with Adam. Continue reading God as the Foremost Fashion Designer.

Learn Driving Under Professionals.

Dan Daniels is a driving instructor (in a freelance capacity) for learner and conventional drivers

Our Services:

We painstakingly train and tutor potential drivers so they learn and start driving in a relatively short time.

Special Training – Learn driving using Your Personal Car and at Your Convenience. Continue reading Learn Driving Under Professionals.

When Action Screams!

Sweet smile, nice fragrance, sexy nightie are found in the box named ‘Irresistible’ (guidealibaba.com)

When action screams where it should speak it captures attention.

They say action speaks louder than words. Yeah the wife in the image had spoken and her husband understands her unspoken language.

He therefore responds by divorcing his newspaper maybe shut down his laptop and says bye-bye to the machine without actually saying bye-bye – too much in a hurry!

As a woman be your hubby’s PA, confidante and friend in the day and his mistress, soul-mate and bed mate at night!

Have a jolly sweet time in bed tonight but hope you’ll contact us in 9 months time should the seed take root … lol From all of us @ olayemiogunojo.com


When She Keeps Killing You Softly!

When you’re preoccupied with her thoughts she’s always beside you even if you were in Lagos and she Laos. (Pic source: cosmopolitan.com)

‘Killing Me Softly’ by Fugees was phenomenal back in the day even till date but the killing in this article is from she to he and not the reverse! 

You met this princess on a cool April morning and you exchanged contacts. 

You decided to ignore her for 5 days (I’m sure you all know why) but those 5 days were 5 years because you had to struggle day and night to survive the temptations.
Continue reading When She Keeps Killing You Softly!

The Shoes of Others.

Understanding is putting on the shoes of others regardless of the size and price. (Pic source: twitter)

Pa. Busari had asked his son in-law Adelakun Adejoro (Ade Ade) who was very chauvinistic and magisterial, to let his only child and daughter Folake bear his name in marriage, after all Ade Ade had two wives and the first was already bearing his name but Ade Ade said no in fact his ‘NO’ was the biggest he ever threw out of his mouth to someone. Continue reading The Shoes of Others.

Livingroom Drama.

Meet ‘Mr Faulkner’ and this is the drama his mind painted on his face when his secret screamed I’m here you cannot catch me – like school children! (activerain.com)

Faulkner’s wife, Belinda had aborted her official trip because her car broke down so she returned home at 11pm.

Meanwhile Faulkner had brought home his PA (mistress) and she had stripped to the buff and waiting impatiently on the bed for Faulkner when Belinda entered their apartment.

The moment Faulkner saw his wife, his heart scaled the fence and nearly jumped into his mouth and when his wife opened their bedroom door the picture jumped to his face!

The emotion on Faulkner’s face is likened to what Yorubas term The looks of a thief on sugarcane plantation!