The Revelation.

anger-on-phoneThis is the drama on the face of a housewife when a bitter and frustrating revelation explodes in her ear.

Her hubby had saved a name with ‘Babatunde’ and had told his wife, Tomi that Babatunde was his junior colleague in the office and he usually calls and receives his (Babatunde) calls but one night when her hubby was in the bathroom Babatunde called but when Tomi innocently picked the ‘Babatunde’ turned to ‘Yetunde’ because she heard a female voice not male. Continue reading The Revelation.

Awards are Rewards of Excellence.

rabiuBUA boss Abdulsamad Rabiu is an award-winning billionaire businessman.

Awards are rewards of excellence and  so the diligent chairman of BUA Group distinguished himself to bag the 2016 All Africa Industrialist of the year.

Weeks after winning the 2016 West African Industrialist of the Year at the AABLA West African Regional Awards, Abdulsamad Rabiu, the Chairman of BUA Group again won the 2016 All Africa Industrialist of the Year” at the CNBC AABLA 2016 Finale held on November 11 in South-Africa. Congrats to industrialist Abdulsamad Rabiu.

Continue reading Awards are Rewards of Excellence.

Week 12 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses:

man-u-vs-arsenalMan United vs Arsenal is undoubtedly the biggest match of week 12. (Pic: Reuters)

Man United vs Arsenal: the Red Devils know they have Gunners password but Arsenal had not forgotten they demolished Man United with 3 unreplied goals last season and so they see Man United as a challenge that can be subdued and so they are motivated to the peak! I see a draw in this match but trust me the Gunners will expose the weakness of man United and make their heart race faster than Usain Bolt! Continue reading Week 12 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses:

All that Glitters is not Gold.

disappointed young woman with glassesMany times in life we get what we want but don’t want what we got in the long run. How pathetic!

The drama (disappointment) on that face (image) may show up on yours while on a trip (from Calabar to Port Harcourt) if you selectively chose a bus because of its attractive body and looks. Perhaps her skin was very fresh maybe the seat had got enough ‘curves’ and you felt you’d likely sleep all through the journey hey it’s got only perfect body not engine! Continue reading All that Glitters is not Gold.

Weekend Quotes.

travel, business trip, people and technology concept - happy young african american woman with travel bag walking down city street and calling on smartphone
Step into your weekend with grace and confidence.

“I respect the fact that people have worked hard all week and want to go to the movies on the weekend and be entertained.” –   Michael Moore

“Weekends don’t pay as well as weekdays but at least there’s football.” – SA Sachs

“Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” -John Shirley Continue reading Weekend Quotes.

Vacations in the Air.

belinda-weekendNollywood actress Belinda Effah.

Holidays are characterized with trips and celebrations so are you preparing in advance for Christmas vacations?

Know your destination – weather, location, her people and their lifestyles … stock your luggage with appropriate wears, travel guide, have your budget, plan in advance and you’re good to go!

Wishing you all journey mercy!


A Bird at Hand.

safeguard-your-marriageLove is life so preserve jealously the love you’ve got. (Pic: Marion Fayolle)

A bird at hand is worth two in the bush therefore protect what you’ve got. Gratitude makes life interesting and refreshing. Appreciate what you have at hand; deep thinkers don’t wait to lose something or someone before they cherish and adore. 

You envy that man with very pretty and ‘perfect’ wife but you don’t know she could be his greatest mistake and regret in life and if the poor man could have his way he’d swap her for a woman who’s not good-looking but blessed with gorgeous heart. Continue reading A Bird at Hand.

The Jealous Wife.

the-jealous-wifeJealousy is the by-product of insecurity and low self-esteem.

She’s Mrs. Temilade Aboderin Kekere-Ekun married to Mr. Odewole Kekere-Ekun. She’s a ‘politician’ and played her politics perfectly culminating in her husband changing his PA from a woman to a man.

She often tells her friend, “How can a woman be my husband’s PA? I should be the president of his heart and the closest woman to him in this life. Men are not to be trusted with women so don’t ever put a pot of milk beside a cat in coma at the hospital!” Continue reading The Jealous Wife.

Lie or Faith?

driverDo we drive or ride bicycles? Do we drive or push wheelbarrow? (Pic: social media)

Was he (image) lieing or prophesying? Some school of thought may conclude his action was motivated by faith, yeah faith in action and motion.

Others might conclude that the head-office of lie had moved to its permanent site, the man’s mouth!

Now whatever your submission believe me he alone could say what motivated the statement! Continue reading Lie or Faith?