Social Media Drama (SMD).

Internet and Social Media made our world smaller than Mustard seed. (Pic source: Linekdin)

If you interacted with someone of recent and the person updates his social media or upload a DP, on a good day you’re likely to infer that such was referring to you but many times they are not.

Moutinho could have someone in particular in mind and the person might fully comprehend the message but many others would assume and infer that the missile was sent to them. Continue reading Social Media Drama (SMD).

Affection Span on the Spotlight (II)

 Don’t give monotony monopoly in your home. Add music, warmth, life and spice! (Pic source:

The Versions:

Some people have short pre-dating affection span and some experience marital short affection span. A lady notorious for playing hard-to-get but not smart enough to make herself a bestseller while the waiting lasts may never walk down the aisle with a man who is prone to pre-dating short affection span. Challenges are motivating when they are interesting and feasible or realizable. Continue reading Affection Span on the Spotlight (II)

Affection Span on the Spotlight.

Have and observe couples-time regularly (Pic source: Pinterest)

We all talk of attention but not affection span. Attention span is how long an individual can observe absolute concentration on a mental task. Paraphrased, how long can the mind in the question dissolve, absorb and adsorb a phenomenon?

Because the mind is alert and highly sensitive it seamlessly and expressly processes information received to a logical end. Different individuals have different attention span which is also influenced by many variables. Continue reading Affection Span on the Spotlight.

Attention and Affection Variables.

Osas and Gbenro Ajibade (Pic source:GenevieveMag)

Pregnant women though many times experience pressure, pleasure pursues them uptown, downtown as well. People are extraordinarily caring and loving to them from their hubbies to their housemaids.

When you were expectant people bath you with love. From  the security guard in your office to the traffic warden on the road from the bus conductor in danfo to the attendant at the filling station … all shower you attention and bath you in affection. Continue reading Attention and Affection Variables.

Ask Yemi!

Group consists of two or more individuals with a binding factor. (Pic source:

ISSUE: Dear Yemi,

I met a lady, a corps member (Funmi 1: Funmilayo) sometime ago and I liked her so I proposed friendship with the hope of dating her but she decided to play hide-and-seek and was running and hiding but you can’t assess someone you can’t access so the affection though intact wasn’t growing in fact it became stagnant like puddle … so she couldn’t cuddle my heart nor fondle my feelings. Continue reading Ask Yemi!

Corporal Punishment or Not!

Mild corporal punishment is medicine for troublesome kids. (Pic source:

The issue of corporal punishment is topical and highly debatable with intimidating loyalists as well as antagonists. Some cultures frown at corporal punishment but that doesn’t mean every person or family in that clime detest the practise.

However if you must incorporate it as a tool of correction use mildly and let your mouth do more of training (talking version) than the cane (beating version). Continue reading Corporal Punishment or Not!

Good Home, Great Life.

Close-knit families share love and friendship all ways, always. (

Your family will affect the quality and quantity (longevity) of your life.

If you’ve got lovely spouse, you will be creative and productive at work because the human mind thrives in a conducive not stressful environment.

Stress affects our health and if your partner is a stressor then your health may pay for it. Continue reading Good Home, Great Life.

Tips for a Successful Week.

Success is sweet, enjoy this week and beyond. (Pic source: shutterstock)

Document your goals for the week – perhaps you’re gunning after a contract, job, partnership, promotion, election ….

Opportunities are everywhere but many times we expect to see them in form of brides on their wedding day, Santa at Christmas …. Continue reading Tips for a Successful Week.

Tips for Passing Your Exams.

Exams yeah highway to success (Pic source: social media)

In the exam hall:

When you’re in the exam hall try and relax your mind, stay calm you’re not being sentenced to life imprisonment nor hell so stop the legs of your heart from running from Ibadan to Lagos (a distance of about 120km) in 10 minutes.

(more pics and info if you process) Continue reading Tips for Passing Your Exams.