The Key to True Bliss is Awareness.

True love blossoms on self-love (Pic source:

Having your own mind is independence and maturity.

Being aware of the fact that having a date isn’t immunity against boredom, solitude or loneliness.

Now not having a date or love for Val. isn’t success nor failure, and above all being true to your brand is password to bliss, internal peace, satisfaction, self-love and fulfilment.

Kisses that Won Special Awards.

Is this kissing or drilling?

In the spirit of Val. let’s check out some experiments and experiences of couples after hearing ‘… you may kiss the bride …’

 @ image above:

When the power of Biblical Samson was bestowed on daddy and he channeled to mopping the floor in his wife’s mouth.

many funny pictures ahead Continue reading Kisses that Won Special Awards.

The Experience of Singles on Valentine’s Day (Video)

Just as a bird can’t fly with one wing so it is in romantic love.

Love and life:

If you’re single you may be complete in life but sure not in love – you’re 50% and need 50% from your partner to soar.

An egg doesn’t and can’t make a baby but an egg + sperm = zygote.

In reality there are m-a-n-y men and ladies who‘re in the shoes of the cartoon in the image.

The video is funny right? Yeah, have fun as singles while it lasts and be fulfilled as a couple in marriage.

Our Val. series including interviews run till the end of February.

(video source: social media)

‘The Princess Meets the Queen.’

The moment the princess enters the building of her future in-laws with her partner and quickly stopped to bring out her age-long friend, loyal partner and dutiful servant yes mirror to see if all is well.

She knows she can’t escape the scanning eyes of her potential mother-in-law, but no sweat with her father-in-law in the making.

The eyes of her future mama by marriage will scan her from her hair down to her toe and believe me she’ll know the no of hairs on her head, the architecture of her legs, her eyes will enter the eyes of the bride-to-be to scan her tummy to know what she ate … so the princess must stop to perfect herself for the last time before entering the scanning machines. She will write exams o! Continue reading ‘The Princess Meets the Queen.’

‘JJC Syndrome in Life.’

Life and love are blessed with roses and thorns, heights and depths. (credit: social media)

Many situations in life furrow our brow, dry our mouth, try to choke us … lumps in our throat.

Many of such send our hearts atop Mount Kilimanjaro and with jangling nerves we confront, mount and sometimes (maybe many times) we surmount such mountains.

Interviews for job applicants, first-time sex for virgins, first time in an airplane or ship for travelers, labour-room experience for JJC (first-time mums) …. Continue reading ‘JJC Syndrome in Life.’

Versions of Val.

Val is about love; family and humanity are part. (pic credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd)

Love is a universal phenomenon so take your family along.

Val. has got two versions – intimate and Platonic so it’s not just for intimate lovers but humanity. The intimate version is the red love and the Platonic is white love.

Share love with your family, friends and loved ones.

Sharing. Caring. Giving. The essence of Val.

Have a swell time but play safe and stay safe! We love you. Yes we are

Time Zones and Val.

Picnickers having sure time (pic source: shutterstock)

It’s about 8:13pm in New Zealand; 6:13pm in Australia and many other climes are enjoying Val night at the moment.

It’s about 11:13pm (Tuesday night, February 13) in California and 8:13 am (Wednesday morning) in Nigeria.

Val. dinner, fun, merriment is ongoing in different places across the globe while still gathering momentum in other places.

Drink Responsibly Today.

Share wine with sense, drink with caution and safeguard your life.

Many of those who abuse Valentine’s Day are mogbo moyas (gatecrashers) They are those who want to belong at all cost!

They want to be smarter than their minds but our minds are our boundaries, limits and limitations and you can’t think or act above your mentality at a point in time but the good news is you can upgrade your mind and update your cognition. Continue reading Drink Responsibly Today.

Let’s Talk About Love.

Love is an experience shared by two sensitive and understanding hearts.

Love is like air, ubiquitous, infectious, universal, selfless, always in motion, never constant, never idle nor lazy. Yes it’s meant to be shared little wonder caring and giving are components of this wholesome emotion.

Love isn’t cul-de-sac but open-ended street. One receives as the other releases and it’s give-and-take!

(image credit: social media)