(Arsenal vs Man City) Week 1; Day 3 of 2018-2019 Season.

The Gunners are battle-ready, but the Citizens are confident so who win? Time will tell!

Arsenal suffered some humiliating losses to Man City last season and fate brought them to together in week one of 2018-2019 season making it the biggest game of the week.

Arsenal have a new manager in the person of Unai Emery but they didn’t stop there for they hired some fresh legs too and that means some unique pattern and behaviours. Continue reading (Arsenal vs Man City) Week 1; Day 3 of 2018-2019 Season.

Love, Romance & Couple Goal Wardrobe.

Lively couple. Lovely fashion. Splendid love. (credit: selectastyle)

Sweet things have their downsides but love is sweet through and through but the upside is it demands sacrifice which is a norm and so soooo normal after all good things – career, business, intimacy, health … demand sacrifice. 

Add fragrance aka romance to your love and life becomes music.

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‘Friends vs Owambe Friends.’

Ore mi ore mi pose at owambe. (Mblov and Anjysworldprd)

Owambe is a Nigerian-themed events and many well-wishers attend same with family and friends.

It’s a life filled with family, friends and acquaintances but an acquaintance today could transform to friend in a month and bosom friend in months and pathetically too bosom friends could become sworn enemies. But that’s not where we’re going today. Continue reading ‘Friends vs Owambe Friends.’

The Three-Artist Partnership.

Our model is a purple bride.

The first and last artist is God as well as the ultimate artist.

He designed the model who doubles as bride; He also painted the fashion designer and makeup artist that clothed and packaged the model.

We can see the arts of the ultimate artist and the two other artists – makeup artist and fashion designer. Continue reading The Three-Artist Partnership.

‘Beware of Your Sisters!’

There’s warmth in feedback it feeds love. (credit: Shutterstock)  

If you love a man and left him at Mile 2 and go looking for mango in Mile 12 your sister (another lady) in Mile 2 will help you do part II.

If you feel your hubby doesn’t deserve your love because he hurts you or maybe wasn’t supportive enough or couldn’t take care  of your financial needs … remember none is perfect so be wary of the outside woman. Remember, your dry fish  is someone else’s fresh fish.
Continue reading ‘Beware of Your Sisters!’

Sallah Gifts for Women.

Kannywood actress Fatima Washa. (credit: social media)

Count down to Eid al Adha begins in earnest and it’s awesome to get gifts for your family before the festivity.

A typical man is surrounded by womenfolk – wife, mother, fiancé, sisters, nieces … and women love gifts a lot so source and package pleasure and courier to them this festive season and beyond. Continue reading Sallah Gifts for Women.

The Chinedu Ezekwesilis (30 Years after ‘I do’).

The Ezekwesilis. The male version is Nedu and the female Oby.

Chinedu (Nedu) is a pastor and Oby is an activist and that makes them activists in one capacity or the other.

Oby, a chattered accountant is a woman of dignity, candor and integrity and Nedu is the inspiration and motivation behind her.
Continue reading The Chinedu Ezekwesilis (30 Years after ‘I do’).