Voices at Weddings (VAW). (CHILE 2014) II

Nigerian Singer-cum songwriter Oritsefemi with his better-half, Nabila


Chinyere Ofurum weds Kelechi Awurum

At the Wedding Reception of CHILE 2014:

Otunba Koleoso (aka Otunba Alert) is the younger brother of the chairman of the occasion at Kelechi and Chinyere’s wedding, and he had gone to the reception with his friend, Mr. Adeyanju (Oyinbo elepo) he was fair-skinned and into oil & gas business).

The two men had attended the event basically to scout for oloshos (promiscuous ladies who date rich, especially married men) and the two men were at the car-park of the reception hall.

Otunba Alert: (looking at the wedding booklet) what a small world! Scorpion, take a close look at the bride. Continue reading Voices at Weddings (VAW). (CHILE 2014) II

Voices at Weddings (VAW).

Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele with his sweetheart Nabila Fash

Chinyere weds Kelechi (CHILE 2014)

Chinyere Ofurum (25) weds Kelechi Awurum (30)

Weddings often births more weddings because many eligible bachelors and bachelorette gravitate to celebrate with their family, friends and loved ones. Now if your friend is getting married while you’re still single you’re motivated to get serious as a man or woman and when your seriousness meets with the passion (to get married) of others dating begins in earnest.

Mature ladies usually lower their guards at weddings and releasing their mobile lines need no long lines, in fact, you don’t even need lyrics to access such!

Chinyere met Kelechi at the wedding of Ada’s colleague (Princess) who married a true-life prince and became a princess once again. By the way Ada was Chinyere’s elder sister. Continue reading Voices at Weddings (VAW).

Beards Manufactured by Nigerian Senior Citizens.

Former Head-of-State (Nigeria) Abdusalami Abubakar.

Gen. Abdulsalam (rtd) left governance and military and came back with his beard which has since been his trademark and logo.

These Nigerian leaders are senior citizens and have been sporting their beards for years. In fact some of their beards are older than many Nigerian youths who are proud members of the movement ‘Beard Gang’.

That tells you that though the beard culture might be trending it’s an age-long tradition though the motivation behind some was activism and campaign for positive change and the like.

(more pics and info if you proceed) Continue reading Beards Manufactured by Nigerian Senior Citizens.

Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) Wins His 5th Ballon D’Or.

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) posing with the prize of his sweat (credit: AFP)

CR7 wins his fifth Ballon d’Or last night December 7, 2017. He’s now at par with Lionel Messi, another football legend!

For 10 years now football legends Lionel Messi and CR7 have been sharing Ballon d’Or between themselves – testament to the fact that there can be two captains in a ship but while one sails the other snails in sleep.

We @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you more success and exploits in love and life.


Signature Beards of Nigerian Celebs.

Lawyer, activist, serial entrepreneur Audu Maikori.

When you see a man who’s famous and proudly wearing his beard you see an alpha-male. A man on top of his game. A lady’s man any day, leader with baritone voice perhaps one who sees chic sisi and muscle up showcasing no element of a sissy.

Many times in love and life we ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us now his real or perceived insolence many times is for his advantage.

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The Businesswoman in Linda Ikeji!

The queen in her palace.

Now let’s talk about Linda; should we talk about Linda?

None is perfect in life but there’s something many of us have that many can imbibe and embrace.

Linda delights in reporting news and like most media houses – she reports the good, the bad and the ugly though ‘bad’ stays longer in our minds unlike ‘good’ but ironically ‘bad’ is what media audience buy the most!

Linda started professionally with modelling then blogging … and then Linda TV and counting! She’s smart, right? Yeah! Continue reading The Businesswoman in Linda Ikeji!

‘The Santa in Phyno.’

Nigerian hip-hop act Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike (aka Phyno). pic credit: social media

Out of our many celebs, Phyno undoubtedly cuts the picture of a Santa, what with his signature beard and fair complexion. Now you must have heard that Santa is from Rome ….

And hey entertainers whatever genre are skilled in entertainment now do you think Phyno will make a good Santa in real life or Nollywood?

‘Meghan Markle on Royalty Highway.’

Royalty is first-class brand. Meghan Markle soon to become a full-fledged purple. (FameFlynet, Inc)

Actresses live in the heart of the public and Meghan being an American entertainer stays at ‘No 7 Hollywood Street, USA.’

To me ‘7’ is the celeb of numbers just as December is a celeb in the calendar months – what’s yours?

Entertainment and royalty are two different worlds and transiting from an actress to a princess is no child’s play! Ideally royalty will impact your philosophy, personality, attitudes, outlook … and adopting, adjusting and adapting demand detailed orientation. Continue reading ‘Meghan Markle on Royalty Highway.’

‘The Wealthy Pauper’.

Man hours are lost in trying to source fuel, a basic commodity now luxury item. (credit: social media)

Energy can be converted from one form to another and when a nation is abundantly blessed with fossil fuel, solar and wind energy yet the citizenry wine and dine with darkness no thanks to epileptic power supply then they are 100 years backward.

As barbaric as corruption.

No energy to power our factories, homes and offices and to add insult to our injuries we grapple with scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit we call petrol. More like air crying for oxygen. Continue reading ‘The Wealthy Pauper’.