Festivity as Family.

Festive occasions are marked with celebrations, merriment, meals, fun and laughter. (credit: AP)

Our global society is a community anchored on diverse families and festive occasions, success … and all the good things of life are meant to be shared.

So remember your neighbours, friends, relatives and members of the public – especially those grappling with poverty. Continue reading Festivity as Family.


The German machines won the 2014 edition of FIFA World Cup held in Brazil and so they are the defending champions.

Can they win the trophy back-to-back? Time will tell. One behaviour peculiar to German machines is high-scoring traits but will they express same in this tournament? Time will also tell.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Kicks off in few hours time but before then, let’s check the various countries in each group bearing in mind that only two teams will qualify from each group to play the second round. Continue reading FIFA WORLD CUP (RUSSIA 2018)

‘Sallah Goes On’.

Your face as a housewife when you mistakenly burnt the stew you painstakingly prepared for Sallah. (credit: Blend Images/Masterfile)

You were on phone talking to your hubby downstairs while his ‘hobby’ cooking in the kitchen was burning upstairs.

Your hubby works in Port-Harcourt but you live in Ibadan and he’s coming home to come celebrate Sallah with his family and was just 30 minutes away.

Your children that would have come to your rescue had gone shopping while you were downstairs doing laundry when his call came through. Continue reading ‘Sallah Goes On’.

Habits Peculiar to Wining and Dining.

Enjoy your Sallah with hearty meals (credit: youtube)

Foodie, it’s meal time so let’s go!

The way or manner some people eat will make you fall in love  with food irrespective of whether you’re a foodie or not. Some delicately move their jaws like models on the runway and hey you feel like gate-crashing and enjoying their meal with them. 

To some it’s a pattern and to others they are just trying to impress someone and many ladies even men on their first date express this attitude to later show their omo-oko side in the future. Continue reading Habits Peculiar to Wining and Dining.

Women as Good Teachers of Patience.

Men are okay when they are presentable but women want to be preservable and so from hair to toe they want to exude beauty and charm.

One of the most important virtues men learn from women is patience. The traffic gridlock peculiar to love is courtesy of women and interestingly patience is a very crucial virtue in life.

Men wait for love, wait in bed, wait for madam to attend an event together. Continue reading Women as Good Teachers of Patience.

SMD (Social Media Drama: Ummy vs Ahmed)

Social Media is a movie theatre with diverse online actors interpreting roles from their various offline locations. (credit: premium times)

The head-office of verbal and non-verbal communication is sited in the mouths of women, little wonder they are born conversationalists.

I don’t know the number of words the printing press in a typical woman publishes per day but believe me they beat hands down that of an ideal man. Care to know why their voices are slim and tiny. Continue reading SMD (Social Media Drama: Ummy vs Ahmed)

Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

Sheraton Hotel is a hotel chain with outlets in major cities of the world. (credit: hotels.ng)

Tourism is nature, God’s blessings to humanity but terrorism is man-made which tries to sabotage tourism (God’s blessings).

Tourism and events are the best friends of hotel business, and hoteliers in Kenya et al are like ants in sugar but civil unrest, protests, riots … all man-made usually pour salt into the sugar of the ants and eventually soil and suck all the sugar leaving behind issues and stress for the ants. Continue reading Tourism, Hospitality and Events.

Laudable Steps from the Presidency

Late Chief MKO (Moshood Kashimawo Olawale) Abiola (GCFR)

States in south-west Nigeria celebrate their Democracy Day on June 12 today, allegedly the day Nigeria witnessed her freest and fairest presidential election but was unfortunately annulled.   

With the implementation of this new policy coming from the presidency the public holiday has been extended nationwide and from 2019, June 12 will be celebrated as Democracy Day in every nook and cranny of Nigeria. Continue reading Laudable Steps from the Presidency