Self-esteem and Confidence are not for Sale!

lovers(Image: pinterest) Self-esteem is fragile yet you need it intact, healthy and active to be successful and fulfilled in life.

Give a woman beauty and give her self-esteem, self-pride and confidence; give a man money in lieu of beauty and see him turn to Mr. Confidence!

Perhaps he hitherto had low or no self-esteem, believe me his self-pride and esteem will soar sky-high. But self-pride, self-love and confidence are not bought with beauty nor money!

If you believe you’re gorgeous so are you and if you feel otherwise that’s ticket to misery but remember no man or woman can make you feel inferior except you allow their password open your mind to dump refuse therein!

Money or beauty or the lack of it shouldn’t dictate your bliss and peace in life!

What Next After Youth Service – MMC?

Dan Arohunfara Daniel Arohunfara, History-graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun State.

MMC is like an acronym it represents Marriage, Master’s or Career.

Back to our respondents:

Daniel hinted “I’ll definitely go back to school for further and higher studies which is my Master’s Programme of course.”

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World’s Richest Men 2016

Bill GatesBill Gates is 60; he’s worth $75 Billion; his notable investment is Microsoft.

Bill Gates has built a reputation as a serious thinker about the world’s problems and has steered the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to tackle knotty issues like improving health care and the use of vaccines in developing countries.

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Real Madrid: 2016 UEFA Champions League Winners.

Champions LeagueReal Madrid beat Atletico Madrid 4-1 in 2014 to win the Champions League silverware and they replicated same about an hour ago.

Atletico Madrid deserve the Champions League Silverware but Real Madrid demand and won it!

Atletico eliminated Bayern Munich and Barcelona who have the potential to delete the 2016 Champions-League dreams of Real Madrid but unfortunately fell before their staunch rival, Real Madrid!

Congrats, Real Madrid!

Public Talk.

Public TalkPublic places document diverse dramas.

Two ladies I perceived as first-class opportunists saw a car parked at the roadside … and quickly cashed in on the situation just to snap with the car to be uploaded possibly on social media so after executing the perfect job a man sitting close by voiced, “Why can’t you take the car along?”

A lady talking to another – a man won’t tell you the amount he earns and may not tell you he has money even if his pocket had become the big blue sea with diverse fish swimming and going on vacations from Indian to Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Home video enthusiasts watching Yoruba movie – one man after beholding an actress with massive behind voiced ludicrously, “This woman needs to be paying tax to government for that ample rear!”

‘Public Talk’ highlights true-life stories.