‘Red-Carpet Marriage Proposal.’

Beach is idyllic scene of love and romance which add special flavour and colour to marriage proposal. (Pic source Pinterest)

The concept is unique, thrilling and interesting. What a special way and place to propose!

To all single men planning to propose to their partners this year this is a great idea, source of inspiration for you.

Who’s Your Role Model?

Darey Art-Alade, singer-songwriter and multi-talented personality. He won two music awards at the Headies 2016: Best R&B Single and Best Recording of the Year, both coming from his hit track Pray For Me. (Pic source: celebratings.net)

Apart from authority figure, children see their elder siblings as role models and often imitate their words and actions. My immediate elder brother indirectly influenced my choices early in life.

When he was in high school I was still in elementary and I enjoyed his talk of high-school life, he was a science student and talked a lot about science and scientists. Of course I went into sciences in my fourth year in high school. Continue reading Who’s Your Role Model?

The Noise About Curves!

Nicki and Meek (Katie Darby/Invision/AP). Nicki is endowed but renowned because her head isn’t down!

In our 21st century world many miracles and breakthroughs have been experienced, some good, some bad and others ugly!

Some women are naturally endowed, many have sizable curves while some are not so kitted and what was practically impossible many decades ago are gradually becoming obsolete.

Now you don’t need perfect body to have great mind, besides where’s that woman with perfect body?
Continue reading The Noise About Curves!

What You Cherish Most About Your Towering Height?


Men worship and idolize towering height just as women cherish lots of loads in respect of bust and butt and many could go to any length to add flesh and fat to their curves and curls so much so that these days you may not be able to distinguish those who have naturally massive luggage and baggage they carry around, from those who sport artificial.

An ideal man desires towering height and won’t mind adding some inches to his height but can’t demand it since science has not been able to conquer that phenomenon.

(more pics including the perceptions of our respondents on this issue if you click) Continue reading What You Cherish Most About Your Towering Height?

Babies’ New Year’s Resolutions.

He’s got his New Year’s Resolution as well. (Pic source: missfrugalmommy.com)

He woke up and his mind sent his eyes on errand which was expressly processed and so his eyes looked up at the clock and lo and behold it was 5:57am January 1 in New York.

He was upset and soliloquized, “Nobody called, sent me SMS or messaged me on whatsapp for the New Year now that’s serious. I guess my resolution for 2017 is to grow up pretty fast!”

Essentials for your Trip in 2017.

Luggage house essentials on our various trips. (Pic source: pianki.com)

Marindoti Anjonrin is the Ajala of our time for she travels  a lot as a marketer for a multinational. She traverse big from Ado-Ekiti to Awka-Etiti, Calabar to Kafancha. Kontagora recognises her voice; Lokoja knows her fragrance and Abuja thought she was a politician.

Ajoke Ajilo on the other hand had big phobia for trips and hardly travels, nonetheless both of them and all of us would be traveling this year. Yeah our daily activities are diverse trips and we would need some essential things to enjoy those trips.
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It’s January 1st The Day First Ladies Celebrate First Babies!

Lagos State First Lady Mrs Bolanle Patience Ambode with the First Baby of the Year (2016) at Island Maternity on her visit to the facility to celebrate with the Okunowos on their bundle of joy. The baby arrived at 12.01 am (Pic source: Biodun Adeyewa)

It’s 1st day in January as well as the 1st day in the year 2017. The day every first lady meets with first baby of the year. Continue reading It’s January 1st The Day First Ladies Celebrate First Babies!

Welcome 2017.

It’s traditional for many to await the New Year at Times Square. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

2017 is here!

Congrats to humanity!

Many countries had experienced the New Year many hours back like Australia, New Zealand … Nigeria embraced 2017 six hours, 35 minutes back and New York about 35 minutes ago.

I watched on CNN the countdown at Times Square about 40 minutes ago and many couples hugged and kissed as they embraced 2017! Continue reading Welcome 2017.

Week 19 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Liverpool vs Man City is undoubtedly the biggest game of week 19. (Pic Source: Getty Images)

We are exactly midway into the EPL and many factors impact games and affect the behaviours of players on the pitch as well as the results.

Burnley vs Sunderland: the Black Cats are still on-and-off and no one can say categorically their mood and motivation at the moment so Burnley have a delicate task on their hands but this match may likely end in draw. Continue reading Week 19 (EPL) Fixtures and Analyses.

Headies Award-Winning Nigerian Artistes Kissed 2016 Bye-Bye With Laurels.

Wizkid of Star boy won the artiste of the year at 2016 Headies.

Headies is Nigerian version of Grammys.

These artistes said bye-bye to the very eventful year 2016 kissing their plaques!

(more pics and info if you process) Continue reading Headies Award-Winning Nigerian Artistes Kissed 2016 Bye-Bye With Laurels.